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Title: The backyard orchardist : a complete guide to growing fruit trees in the home garden
Author: Stella Otto
Published: Maple City, MI : Ottographics , 1994, c1993

Summary: Intended for those interested in a small planting of fruit trees in their yards or rural acreage. Learn to select an appropriate location, choose the right tree for that location, how to plant, feed and prune it, keep it free of insects and diseases and how to harvest the fruit.

ISBN: 0963452037
Call Number: 64 OTT
Subjects: Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards

Title: the Encyclopedia of country living : an old fashioned recipe book
Author: Carla Emery
Contributors: illustrated by Cindy Davis and David Berger
Published: Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books , c1994 fourth printing of ninth edition, 1997

Summary: This book contains much information on country living including, living self-sufficiently, planting gardens, raising animals, and processing home-grown foods.

ISBN: 0912365951
Call Number: 80.13 EME
Subjects: Amaranth , Asparagus , Baking , Bamboo , Beekeeping , Beginning farming , Berries , Blackberries , Blueberries , Brambles , Broccoli , Buckwheat , Butter , Calves , Canning , Cattle, beef , Cattle, dairy , Cheese making , Chickens , Cole crops (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) , Cooking, recipes , Corn , Dairy products , Ducks , Eggs , Family life , Farm life , Farm management and decision making , Food processing , Food storage and preservation , Fruits , Fruits, tree , Game birds , Gardening , Geese , Goats , Goats, dairy , Goats, meat , Grains , Grapes , Grasses, warm season , Guinea fowl , Handicrafts , Harvesting , Herbs , Hogs , Homesteading , Honey, bee products , Lamb (meat), mutton , Lambs , Livestock , Meat products , Milk , Millets , Mushrooms , Nut trees , Nuts , Onions , Paw paws , Peaches , Pears , Pest control , Pheasants , Plant propagation , Pork , Postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables , Poultry , Poultry meats , Quail , Rabbits , Raspberries , Seed saving , Seed storing , Seeds , Sheap Shearing , Sheep , Slaughtering methods , Small livestock , Soap making , Soil management , Sorghum , Sustainable agriculture , Tanning hides , Turkeys , Veal production , Vegetable gardening , Vegetables , Vegetables, harvesting and postharvest , Vegetables, storage , Wheat , Wool , Yogurt

Title: the Have-More plan
Author: Ed Robinson
Second Author: Carolyn Robinson
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey communications , c1973

Summary: This book has been re-printed numerous times. First printed in the 1940s, the information is still useful today. While some references are no longer revelant, such as DDT as a pesticide, the basic principles still apply. Topics inlcuded are: buying a place in the country, building houses and barns, fruit trees and berries, fish ponds, and beginning with livestock.

ISBN: 0882660241
Call Number: 80.13 ROB
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Barns , Beekeeping , Brambles , Building materials , Cattle , Fish farming , Fruits, tree , Goats, dairy , Land use , Poultry , Vegetable gardening

Title: The orchard almanac : a seasonal guide to healthy fruit trees
Author: Steve Page
Contributors: Illustrations by Polly Warren
Second Author: Joe Simillie
Published: Davis, CA : AgAccess , 1995 3rd ed.

Summary: Organized by season, this book provides specific advice for producing high quality fruit with the least possible pesticide use and includes information on planting and pruning, integrated pest management, safe use of pesticides, restoring old fruit trees, soil and foliar fertilization, fungicide-free varieties and harvest and storage of fruit.

ISBN: 0932857159
Call Number: 64.1 PAG
Subjects: Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards

Title: Organic tree fruit management
Author: Linda Edwards
Published: Keremeos, B.C. : Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia , c1998

Summary: This guide may be used by the beginning and the experienced organic grower as well as the conventional grower considering organic methods. There are numerous references and solutions to potential problems that may arise during conversion to organic growing. Topics include organic pest and disease management, soil fertility and nutrition in tree fruits, management tools for organic growers, getting the right fruit set, planting and replanting, and harvest guidelines.

ISBN: 077263615x
Call Number: 64.1 EDW
Subjects: Biological pest control , Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards , Organic farming

Title: Rodale's low-maintenance gardening techniques : short-cuts and time-saving hints for your greatest garden ever
Contributors: Barbara W. Ellis ... [et. al.]
Published: Emmaus, PA : Rodale Press , c1995

Summary: Part 1 covers the major gardening techniques like planning, soil improvement, composting, and pest control. Part 2 includes chapters on vegetables, berries and small fruits, tree fruits, and herbs as well as training, trellising, and harvesting. Part 3 features chapters on lawns and groundcovers, and yard care. Part 4 covers ideas for growing ornamentals (annuals, bulbs, perennials, wildflowers, roses, trees, and shrubs.

ISBN: 0875966411
Call Number: 61.3 ROD
Subjects: Annuals , Berries , Flower gardening , Fruits, small , Fruits, tree , Gardening , Landscaping , Lawn care , Low maintenance gardening , Ornamental plants , Vegetable gardening


Title: Grafting for fruit trees
Author: Larry Southwick
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1979
Series: Story publishing bulletin A-35

Summary: Includes terms, tools, wound dressing, reasons for grafting, types of grafting, budding and an FAQ section.

Call Number: 64.013 SOU
Subjects: Fruits, tree

Title: Growing fruit for home use
Contributors: Patrick L. Byers ... [et. al.]
Published: Mountain Grove, MO : State Fruit Experiment Station, Southwest Missouri University , April, 1993

Summary: An overview of growing fruit for home use in Missouri with sections on apples, pears, stone fruits, strawberries, grapes, raspberries and blackberries, blueberries, insect pests, sources of fruit plants and horticultural supplies and a calendar of events in home fruit planting.

Call Number: 64 GRO
Subjects: Fruit culture , Fruits , Fruits, small , Fruits, tree

Title: Planning & planting your dwarf fruit orchard
Contributors: Edited by Louise B. Lloyd; production by Michelle Arabia and Catherine Gee Graney
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications
Series: Storey/Garden Way publishing bulletin A-133

Summary: The advantages of dwarf fruit trees are summarized as are selection factors, site planning and planting. There are tables describing varieties, ripening times, hardiness, uses and other information for dwarf apples, apricots, cherries, pears and plums.

ISBN: 0882667599
Call Number: 64.16 PLA
Subjects: Dwarf fruit trees , Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards


Title: The organic backyard orchard : With Bill MacKentley
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1992

Summary: This video workshop primarily deals with apple trees. Topics include the size of lot, appropriate sites for planting, number and variety of trees and disease prevention.

Publishers Number: 9202
Call Number: VIDEO 64.1 ORG
Subjects: Apples , Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards , Organic farming


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Biointensive Management of the Orchard Understory (Washington State University)
Annual Pruning of Fruit Trees (Oklahoma State University)

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