Ag Opportunities

Volume 25, Number 2
February 2014

Free Marketing Webinar Series

The Farmers Market Federation of NY and the NY Farm Viability Institute have partnered with USDA Northeast SARE to present a series of webinars on marketing: "Marketing for Profit: Tools for Success." These webinars have been designed with the assistance of regional and national marketing experts to provide critical marketing insights for farmers and farm markets throughout the northeast. The webinars are free, approximately an hour and a half long, and easy to access with a basic internet connection. To register for any of these webinars go to

Webinar 3: Every Silver Lining has a Cloud! - Market assessment & Analysis
Speaker: Marty Butts, Small Potatoes Marketing
February 12, 11am – 12:30pm or February 13, 6pm – 7:30pm
  • SWOT analysis/updates
  • Demographic trends
  • Product trends

Ever notice how every five to six years cars get bigger, or smaller? They seem to change just like the width of men’s ties or the hemline of women’s skirts! Product change is constant and affects all products including food. Margarine and high fructose corn syrup were supposed to save us from the problems associated with butter and sugar, but now we’re wondering if they really are a solution!

Change occurs in communities too as families age, kids move out, move back and there is a constant flow of people in and out of any given area. This also affects business and should influence the products you offer and the strategy you employ in going to market. You don’t need to wait for the US Census to come out (although there’s plenty of good info there!), you can check class sizes in schools around you. What’s being built in your community? Senior centers or health clubs? Patio Homes or new Cul De Sac construction? These things (and many more) tell you a lot about your community.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, the classic S.W.O.T analysis. Sounds silly, may even prove easy to do for you, but to implement and act upon what you learn can be tricky. Can you keep an “even minded” perspective when assessing your own Strengths and Weaknesses? How open are you to really learn what others may think? What is a real “opportunity” and how can you tell when it has “played out”? These are among the critical questions to explore and better understand moving forward.

Last winter the first series of marketing webinars “Self-Assessment” occurred. They are archived and can be viewed by clicking on the link.

"Self-Assessment Webinars"

  • Assessing Your Identity Resources
  • Marketing Channels Assessment
  • Future Trends

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