Irrigation for Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Production

January 8, 2001

Author: John R. Buchanan

Table of Contents
Slide 1Irrigation for Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Production
Slide 2Irrigation Design
Slide 3Investment or Insurance
Slide 4Investing in Irrigation
Slide 5Micro-Irrigation
Slide 6Plant - Water - Soil
Slide 7Water Retention
Slide 8Saturated Soil
Slide 9Field Capacity
Slide 10Wilting Point
Slide 11Water Holding Capacity
Slide 12Thus,
Slide 13Irrigation Scheduling
Slide 14One Inch of Water
Slide 15Evapotranspiration
Slide 16Checkbook Method of Irrigation Scheduling
Slide 17Irrigated Area and Volume
Slide 18Photo 1
Slide 19Photo 2
Slide 20Photo 3
Slide 21Question: What is your Acreage?
Slide 22Wetting Pattern with Drip Line on Soil Surface
Slide 23Wetting Patterns with Drip Line in Raised-Beds
Slide 24Rooting Depth
Slide 25Components of Drip Irrigation
Slide 26Distribution and Filtration
Slide 27Emitters
Slide 28Line-Source and Point-Source Emitters
Slide 29Focus on Line-Source Emitters
Slide 30Face the Emitters Up
Slide 31Design Factors
Slide 32Emitter Spacing
Slide 33Emitter Discharge
Slide 34Emitter Discharge
Slide 35Emitter Discharge
Slide 36Wall Thickness
Slide 37Drip Tape Wall Thickness
Slide 38Drip Tape Wall Thickness
Slide 39Tubing Diameter
Slide 40Example
Slide 41200-foot Length on Zero Percent Slope
Slide 42600-foot Length on Zero Percent Slope
Slide 431000-foot Length on Zero Percent Slope
Slide 441000-foot Length on Zero Percent Slope Change to 7/8-inch Diameter
Slide 45600-foot Length on Five Percent Slope Water Source at Top of Hill
Slide 46600-foot Length on Five Percent Slope Pushing Water Up the Hill
Slide 47Connecting Drip Line to Manifold (or Header)
Slide 48Flat-Tube Connections
Slide 49Lay-Flat Hose Connections
Slide 50PVC Pipe Connections
Slide 51Tubing Connections
Slide 52Selection of Connectors
Slide 53Suitability of Irrigation Water
Slide 54Solids will Plug Emitters
Slide 55Water Filtration
Slide 56Water Filtration
Slide 57Sand Filters
Slide 58Photo 4
Slide 59Photo 5
Slide 60Photo 6
Slide 61Photo 7
Slide 62Sand Filters
Slide 63Sand Filters
Slide 64Backflushing Sand Filters
Slide 65Disk Filters
Slide 66Screen Filters
Slide 67Water Filtration
Slide 68Wrap-up
Slide 69Final Words
Slide 70Questions ?

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