Packing and Grading

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The following guidelines are in accordance with our standards at CMPA. In our experience it does not pay to pack in non-standard boxes. The price of proper packaging usually pays for itself. We reserve the right to re-box or re-locate produce that is not in compliance. Any box costs would be deducted from the consigners returns.

Large lots need to be a minimum of 3 boxes of items to sell together as one lot.
Small lots need to be in standard packaging or be placed on small lot table.

CMPA has a NO-no sale policy. This policy was decided upon by the board of directors so that we can be open and at the mercy to our buyers, which we feel helps in winning the buyer's respect.

The grower needs to strive for quality by practicing good fertility, spraying, picking, and packing standards. The grower should not misrepresent his product. Buyers can only be fooled for so long and a bad record is not easily mended.

Asparagus - pound bunches in bushel boxes.

Broccoli - bushel or bushel boxes. Long season varieties stay firm long.

Cabbage - Small to medium heads in bushel boxes. Large heads in sacks, or loose on carts or bins {with wrapper leaves kept on to preserve freshness).

Cauliflower - Small to medium heads in bushel boxes. Large heads on carts or bins (keep wrapper leaves on to retain freshness). Recommend White Sails or similar self blanching types. Wrapper leaves need to be tied with rubber bands when head is stil1 small.

Cherries - 12 pint berry flats with stems intact.

Cantaloupes - Bins or bulk {minimum 25 per cart) pick when stems let loose with minimum effort. Pack - Large 6-8#. Medium 4-6#. Small under 4#. Plant Athena or Athena types. Do not plant Superstar types.

Cucumbers - bushel boxes 40-45 count to full box. Pack oversize and odd shapes separate. Plant Thunder or Dasher II types.

Pickles - bushel box. Mark weight.

Eggplant - bushel box pick in tender stage, not old and leathery. Classic types.

Gourds - bushel box. Try some wing or warted mix.

Hull Peas - bushel box in hulls or 12 pint berry flats without hulls.

Okra - Small in 12 pint berry flats. Medium to large in bushel box.

Ornamental Corn - Tie 3 ears per bunch with husk. Miniature in bushel box. Large in bushel boxes.

Peppers - Bell- bushel boxes. Suggest blocky types like King Arthur or Merlin. Pick at crunchy firm stage, not flabby. -Sweet Banana & Hot types - 12 pint flats or 1/2 bushel box.

Beets - 15 bunches per bushel or 1/2 bushel without tops.

Potatoes - bushel boxes. Smalls can be packed in 12 pint flats. New potatoes gently clean, but do not scrub.

Pumpkins - Bins or bulk. Miniature in bushel box.

Radishes - 20 bunches to bushel boxes.

Berries - 12 pint flats. Pick firm.

Rhubarb - pound bunches in bushel boxes. Trim 75% of leaf.

Spinach - Pack with ice in waxed boxes.

Onions - Spring - 25 bunches in bushel boxes. Bulb - bushel boxes. Leave at least 1 inch stem in immature stage.

Summer Squash - bushel box. Zucchini - 40-45 count. Others - 45+. Separate oversizes and culls.

Winter Squash - Acorn and Butternut types in bushel boxes or bulk. All others bulk or bin.

Green Beans - 15 pounds in bushel box, Mark weight. Strike or Bronco .

Sweet Corn- 5 dozen per corn bag. Early varieties - Temptation, Ambrosia. Main season - Incredible, Jackpot, Peaches & Cream, etc. Do not plant old types like NK99, Iochief, Merit, etc.

Tomatoes - bushel box, grade for quality. Make some holes in a piece of plywood to gauge the following sizes. Extra large - 3 and up. Large - 3 - 3 3/4 . Medium - 2 - 3 . Small - 2 - 2 . Plant Mt Fresh or Florida 91 types. If you have garden varieties mark them as such.

Watermelons - Bins or bulk. Mark variety. Pick ripe.

Turnips - bushel box. Leave about 1" top.

Flowers - Standard flat - True 1204 for regular annuals and vegetable plants. 4 " to 6" pots for geranium, tuberous begonia, gerbera. 1801 for specialty annuals, perennials, and herbs. Standard basket - 10", combinations and wave petunias - 12".


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