Horizon Point



The following agencies and groups have contributed to the success of Horizon Point.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provided the initial funding for Horizon Point. Their interest was in providing livestock producers with estimates of rainfall needed to produce a runoff event. The NRCS Runoff Estimator was combined with site-specific soil hydrologic data, and historical and forecasted precipitation to deliver this estimate.


The MU Commercial Agriculture Program initially conceived of the idea of merging site-specific weather data with university research models to quickly deliver timely management advice. The Commercial Agriculture Program faculty cooperate with other MU faculty to incorporate the latest research information into Horizon Point.


MU AgEBB has provided the computer programming necessary for Horizon Point from its inception. They communicate with university faculty, the National Weather Service and farmers to smoothly deliver the daily reports to subscribers.


MU Integrated Pest Management provided financial support to add the advisories dealing with insect management.


The North Central Risk Management Education Center provided financial support to add the advisories dealing with weed emergence, fall applied nitrogen management and stored grain management.


The USDA Risk Management Agency provided financial support for the development of the module for the Pasture, Range and Forage Insurance program.

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