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AgEBB provides this forum for the exchange of software and spreadsheet templates, if you have a program or template you would like to share with other users please email it to Please include a brief description and the enterprise it is related to. We will post it to this site after our review. If you have any questions please call us at (573) 882-4827, or email us.

Instructions for download: Select the file that best suites your needs and capabilities. The browser should prompt you to save the file. At this time, select the directory of your choice on your local drive. After the file is saved, you may access it through your computer's file manager, eg: Windows Explorer. Select and double-click the executable file you chose to download. The program will prompt you to choose where you wish to save the unzipped files. Once the files are unzipped, the files can be opened using a program which is able to support xls spreadsheets.

The University developed spreadsheets have been checked by specialists in the area to which they pertain for formula accuracy. The User developed spreadsheets and programs have been checked to determine whether they properly open. The University as well as the developers of the spreadsheets and programs claim no responsibility for any outcomes of using these files.

Contact your University Extension Farm Management Specialist with your spreadsheet or program questions.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please email us at or call us at 573-882-4827.

University Developed Spreadsheets

CategoryFile NameDescriptionFile Size
Agroforestry bwfinmod.exe This MS Excel spreadsheet is designed to assist potential growers in making decisions about tree spacing, nut harvest, and whether to use improved (grafted) or unimproved trees. Instructions can be found at: Updated July 2006 142,338

Beef breakeven.exe This spreadsheet can be used by veterinarians and diagnostic laboratories to evaluate the economic return for implementing herd diagnostic screening for diseases affecting beef cattle. It also evaluates the sensitivity of the assumptions used by the veterinarian. 94,208
Beef tracemin.exe Aids beef producers that utilize custom mineral mills in formulating appropriate mineral mixes 165,320
Beef mktopt.exe Evaluating Marketing Options for Cow-Calf Producers 90,112
Beef pregrep.exe Calculates number of pregnant replacements needed 46,080
Beef valurep.exe Determines value of replacement heifers 49,152
Beef minmix.exe Mineral mix calculator designed to formulate least-cost custom mineral supplements for beef cattle based on forage testing results 50,176
Beef histograms.exe Used to create pregnancy histograms. Updated July 2002 3,809,280
Beef brdcalculator.exe Updated version of BRD2.exe. Can be used by veterinarians and feedlot/stocker cattle producers to evaluate treatment options of bovine respiratory disease. Updated November 2005 59,392
Beef feedpro.exe Designed to assign feed charges to individual calves in a pen based upon weight gain and average body weight for the feeding period. It is used in situations when calves in a pen have multiple owners and prorating feed charges among owners is warranted. 69,128
Beef feeders.exe This spreadsheet can be used by producers interested in feeding cattle until slaughter. 82,432
Beef ro.exe This spreadsheet can be used by producers interested in evaluating their options for selling calves at weaning or owning them for a period of time past weaning. 91,136
Beef stockers.exe This spreadsheet can be used by producers interested in growing stocker cattle. 67,072
Beef cowlease.exe A spreadsheet in .xls format and a Microsoft Word document that helps producers understand cow leasing works from two perspectives. 27,648

Corn drousil.exe Designed to estimate the value of drought stricken corn (standing in the field) for silage. 7552
Corn drycost.exe Designed to estimate the cost of removing ten points of moisture from corn using various drying methods. New! 74229

Crop manure.exe Provides an estimate of the value of manure applied to cropland Updated November 2005 69,120
Crop FBMbudgets.exe Budget outlines in Excel Spreadsheets for various crops and regions across Missouri. 135168
Crop cropstore.exe Provides an estimate of the improved market prices needed to offset the costs of storage New! 74397
Crop Insurance MOEarlyCropIns.xlsx A worksheet in xls format to be used for farmers with corn or soybean crops who have purchased crop insurance and have early season production problems such as flooding, poor germination, or prevented planting.New! June 2013 274,154

Dairy dycopv1.exe 4 templates for estimating the cost of producing milk, wk1, wk4, wb1, and xls. 88282

Financial balsheet.exe A balance sheet is to help in the preparation of farm financial analysis and planning forms. 31104
Financial cashflow.exe A cash flow statement to help in the preparation of farm financial analysis and planning forms. 28013
Financial cfanl.exe A cash flow analysis and a profit check to help in the preparation of farm financial analysis and planning forms. 18176
Financial ezplan.exe 4 templates designed to evaluate alternative farm plans or systems as well as a doc file to explain the templates. 195892
Financial finsim.exe Learn about selected profit ratios, how they are calculated and how they relate to each other, as well as a simple business analysis and planning tool. 54015
Financial pandl.exe Help in the preparation of farm financial analysis and planning forms. 21376
Financial partbudg.xls A Microsoft Office spreadsheet which allows you to compose partial budgets and compare them. Updated September 2012 51200
Financial pasrent.exe A spreadsheet in .xls format and a Microsoft Word document that calculates the economics of renting pasture to increase flexibility. 39,936

Forages forgbud.exe A template in format designed to help compute cost/acre and returns for 9 forage crops, allowing them to be compared, also computes the breakeven cash rent for each crop. 14976

Grain cropstor.exe The computer program was designed to aid producers in helping them evaluate the economics of storage. By understanding how differences in costs and revenues affect economic returns, producers can better understand if storing grains will be profitable. In xls format. 271535
Grain crc.exe This will allow the producer to examine what happens if harvest price increases or decreases along with what happens if actual yield is higher or lower, in xls format. 51200
Grain crpleas.xls Designed to help tenant's and landlords develop a fair crop-share lease arrangement based on what each party contributes to the production. Updated November 2012 84,992
Grain semobud.exe University of Missouri Extension Southeast Missouri Crop Budget. 179712
Grain replant.xlsx A worksheet in xls format for analyzing Corn or Soybean Replant Decisions and the Decision to plant corn or soybean into existing wheat. Updated March 2012 35878

Livestock mineral.exe Microsoft Excel-based mineral calculation program that determines the cost of minerals fed to livestock 84,992
Livestock feedcost.exe To estimate the dollar value of a feed substitute, as well as a doc file to explain the template. 9746
Livestock feedval2.xls To estimate the maximum you should pay for a feed substitute for lactating and maintenance cattle, as well as a doc file to explain the template. 46592
Livestock feedval3.xls To estimate the maximum you should pay for a feed substitute for gaining cattle. 42207
Livestock manrvalu.exe A worksheet in xls format to assist in determining the fertilizer value of manure per load. Updated November 2005 28128
Livestock Manure Distribution Cost Analyzer.xls A workbook in xls designed to be used by livestock producers to determine the cost and time required to spread manure on land. Updated August 2008 906,240

Machinery equipment.exe Helps estimate whether to purchase or lease, the amount of hours to lease yearly, as well as 2 files to help explain how to use it. 167278
Machinery leasbuy.exe Designed to compare a credit financed purchase of equipment vs. long term lease arrangement. 17408

Marketing forward.exe Using forward pricing of grain. 3341
Marketing hedge.exe For choosing forward pricing vs. hedging of grain. 3637

Misc. conversn.exe Updated! This spreadsheet contains units of conversion. For example, how to convert inches to centimeters. 29696
Misc. farmact.exe 3 files from the Missouri loose-leaf record book. 385479
Misc. fence.exe Estimates the cost of building fence based on per rod and a quarter-mile of fence. 6016

Swine hoopslat.exe Compare different swine facility types. 19475
Swine pigfn.exe Helps farm managers make decisions relating to the purchase of feeder pigs for finishing. 33536
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User Developed Spreadsheets

The User developed spreadsheets and programs have only been checked to determine whether they properly open. None of the formulas have been checked for accuracy. The University as well as the developers of the spreadsheets and programs claim no responsibility for any outcomes of using these files.

Contact your University Extension Farm Management Specialist with your spreadsheet or program questions.

CategoryFile NameDescriptionFile Size
Beef beefperf.exe Keeps track of beef cattle feeding performance. 14848
Beef beefprod.exe Calculate cow/calf break-even. 4736
Beef calfbud.exe Calf sell/purchase budget. 16512
Beef calves.exe A budget for backgrounding calves. 12416
Beef calves2.exe Keeping calf records. 10960
Beef crdcowcf.exe Costs and returns or cow/calf operation. 39296
Beef fedcatb.exe For marketing fed cattle. 10624
Beef ration.exe Beef nutrient requirment/performance/ration. 266880
Beef ratkeay.exe Beef nutrient requirements/performance/rations. 12544
Beef rop220.exe Keeping a beef cattle record of performance. 43136
Beef stocker.exe For feeder cattle. 6144
Beef wean.exe For a cow/calf weaning program. 39680
Beef frame.exe Calculates frame scores based on sex, age, and hip height. Added June 2006 78543

Dairy dairflow.exe Dairy cash flows as well as a doc file explaining. 16770
Dairy dairyinc.exe Estimates dairy income. 47104
Dairy day_opn.exe Modification of lactcmpr. - days open. 9088
Dairy lactcmpr.exe Compares the value of dairy production. 8448
Dairy milkchk.exe Estimates milk check. 7296
Dairy project.exe To project dairy farm annual cash flow. 15488

Financial ILbalnce.exe Sample balance sheets and cash flow spreadsheet, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 163,000
Financial ILcash.exe Cash flow projections program by Paul N. Ellinger, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 918,000
Financial fldrec.exe Field record templates. 30,521
Financial finforms.exe An ag loan computer tool. 238,893
Financial cashproj.exe A cash flow projection workbook and two supporting files that explain its use. 238,893
Financial fertload.exe Workbook that calculates fertilizer rates and produces a load out sheet. 1,211,392
Financial spraylod.exe A sprayer loading worksheet. 65,786
Financial herbcost.exe A spray cost anaylisis worksheet. 36,437
Financial amort.exe Calculates loan amortization. 26880
Financial buyland.exe Cost analysis of buying land. 15104
Financial buyvslse.exe Analyzes buying verses leasing land 4480
Financial capinv.exe To figure capital investment. 20352
Financial car.exe A model of car operating expenses. 5120
Financial cashflow.exe Constructs a yearly cash flow. 23936
Financial cashlgr.exe A spreadsheet for making a ledger. 225774
Financial compost.exe For npv analysis of composting. 42369
Financial cropcost.exe Cost-return projections. 8448
Financial entagree.exe An agreement for joint working enterprise. 23476
Financial farmflow.exe Develops farm cash flow reports. 18944
Financial farmlegr.exe Containing a 1-2-3 function as a farm accounting ledger. 12800
Financial finanal.exe Allows detailed farm and ranch finance analysis. 40960
Financial frmlgr.exe For farm accounting ledgers. 5120
Financial gros-net.exe A mortage vs. income analysis. 47489
Financial loans.exe Calculating the first 72 payments of a loan. 24192
Financial loanrec.exe Contains worksheet for loans and other liabilities. 14720
Financial npvform.exe To compute the net present value of an investment. 6016
Financial partners.exe For designing and testing partnerships. 25727
Financial recordbook.exe Keeping records on the farm. 177797
Financial regress.exe Doing regression analysis. 166912
Financial scfp.exe 2 spreadsheets with a statement of change in financial position. 67056
Financial statemnt.exe Contains a simple billing statement. 2688
Financial grapher.exe A 1-2-3 graphics tutorial. 17664
Financial invntory.exe Keeps a house/business inventory 17536
Financial lifecost.exe To calculate the life cost of an item 9216
Financial premium.exe To calculate 4-H premiums. 6912
Financial wallet.exe For keeping a personal inventory. 7552

Forages alfalfbg.exe For a partial alfalfa budget. 2304
Forages hay$tore.exe 2 spreadsheets for deciding whether to store or sell hay. 33193
Forages pastrent.exe Figures costs/returns of split pasture rental. 23936
Forages pastryld.exe Estimates pasture production. 12040

Grain crdcrop.exe To calculate costs and returns of a crop enterprise. 46720
Grain cropcomp.exe For crop comparison. 4608
Grain cropmgmt.exe Whole farm crop management decisions. 27776
Grain croppric.exe A total crop marketing position. 8576
Grain crops.exe Calculates crops cost of production and breakeven. 8448
Grain cropsto.exe Figure crop storage costs. 9984
Grain ctnbdgt.exe A xls spreadsheet of a cotton budget. 65023
Grain dismois.exe To figure the economic returns of drying grain. 15233
Grain entbudg.exe For crop enterprise budgets. 62464
Grain fairrent.exe A 4 crop analysis of the max rent to pay. 13824
Grain fertcost.exe For figuring the least cost fertilizer per acre. 10752
Grain fieldrec.exe For keeping individual field records. 16384
Grain leascrop.exe For developing a fair lease for a specified crop. 26072
Grain options.exe Comparing net crop prices (corn crop) 19072
Grain weeds.exe For weed/herbicide calculations. 199680
Grain wetgrain.exe Analyzes wet grain purchase. 11904
Grain concret5.exe Calculates the concrete requirement of a circular area. 4352
Grain irrcost.exe Spreadsheet to evaluate the economics of an irrigation system. 32641
Grain partcirc.exe For figuring acres under part of a center pivot. 4096
Grain partfull.exe For figuring the remaining liquid in a cylinder tank. 3072
Grain raincalc.exe Keeps rainfall record. 6400

Livestock 123grade.exe For grading template. 4096
Livestock brkevenl.exe Livestock break-even analysis. 3072
Livestock daysopen.exe For finding the value of timely rebreeding. 6144
Livestock feedusg.exe Calculates feed usage. 2560
Livestock feedval.exe 2 files, a spreadsheet to economically compare feedstuffs value and a doc file to explain it. 14516
Livestock mpcifarm.exe Comprehensive federal crop insurance decision aid. 140431
Livestock wholbean.exe Soybean meal vs. whole soybeans. 23938
Livestock concret4.exe To calculate the concrete requirement of a rectangular area. 3584
Livestock htsys.exe For heating system analysis. 6144
Livestock liquidm.exe To balance liquid manure with fertilizers. 6912

Machinery buylease.exe Determines whether to buy or lease machinery. 45440
Machinery machcost.exe Calculates hour/year machine costs. 15488
Machinery machine.exe Calculates the cost of machinery. 25856
Machinery npv.exe For calculating net present value. 6144

Marketing chartf2.exe Containing futures worksheets. 6144
Marketing chartf3.exe Containing futures worksheets. 6656
Marketing chartf5.exe A spreadsheet containing futures worksheets. 4352
Marketing chartf7.exe A spreadsheet containing futures worksheets. 4352
Marketing chartf9.exe A spreadsheet containing futures worksheets. 5504
Marketing markanal.exe Commodity marketing analysis. 7168
Marketing mktposn.exe Views a farms total crop marketing position. 10240
Marketing putopt.exe For comparing market prices. 5120

Sheep sheeppro.exe A spreadsheet for ewes. 4736
Sheep flockinfo.exe A spreadsheet for detailed recordkeeping of sheep flocks. 1176

Soybeans nrowsoy.exe Contains the economics of growing narrow row soybeans. 4096
Soybeans weedmodl.exe Contains a model of weeds' competitiveness with soybeans. 20480

Swine dietchek.exe To compare swine diets to diet guidelines. 21504
Swine fdrpig.exe To analyze the purchase of feeder pigs. 27392
Swine fedpig.exe For pig feeder cost. 6144
Swine hogcash.exe For hog operation cashflows. 55552
Swine hogoptn.exe To evaluate hog futures and options contracts. 3712
Swine manure.exe To evaluate fertilizer values of swine manure. 7808
Swine monbrinv.exe For swine breeding stock/production inventory. 5888
Swine pigfd.exe To determine when to sell market weight hogs. 11008
Swine pigfinsh.exe Spreadsheet with macros to decide whether to finish pigs. 36352
Swine piginv.exe A feederpig inventory, costs, and marketing. 59981
Swine pigtask.exe A spreadsheet for livestock operations. 23936
Swine profitpr.exe To check swine profit. 7808
Swine rawbeans.exe For using raw soybeans in a swine diets. 5120
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