By-Product Feed Price Listing

March 26, 2015

12-2 Backgrounding PelletsNo listings currently
12-3 Forage Extender Pellets 12% prot 3%fat 20% fiberNo listings currently
14% Blender Pellet (midds/rice grain dust/ddg)No listings currently
14% Pellets (midds/soyhulls)No listings currently
15-1 Pellet (wht midds/rice hulls/cgf)No listings currently
15-4 Pellet (DDGs/cgf/soyhulls)15
20% Dairy/Beef CubeNo listings currently
80% Crude Glycerin No listings currently
A/V BlendNo listings currently
Alfalfa pellets 11, 85
Alfalfa, GroundNo listings currently
Alfa-Oat Pellets 17%No listings currently
AV GlycerineNo listings currently
Avian Blood Meal 85% prot114
Bakery Feed13
Bakery Meal 27%No listings currently
Bakery ProductNo listings currently
Barley ScreeningsNo listings currently
Barley, De-HulledNo listings currently
Barley, GroundNo listings currently
Beef Meat & Bone MealNo listings currently
Beef or Dairy Pellet 18%No listings currently
Beet PulpNo listings currently
Beet Pulp Pellets19
Blender Pellet, 14% All NaturalNo listings currently
Blender Pellets 10%DDGsHominyOatScreeningsNo listings currently
Brewers grain, pressed(73%mstr)8
Bulk CookiesNo listings currently
Bulk Loose Hard Candy120
Calf Creep (CG Feed, Midds, Rice Hulls) 14%prot, 2.5%fat, 19%fiberNo listings currently
Calf Creep (Grain BP and Roughage Pellet)No listings currently
Calf Creep 14% W/vitamin mineral packageNo listings currently
Cane Molasses96
Canola MealNo listings currently
Canola Meal 36%45, 94
Canola Meal Pellets94
Canola Pellets 38%45
Cattle Cubes (Barley/Wheat Midds/DDGs) 16% prot 4% fatNo listings currently
Cattle Cubes (Cottonseed Meal/Wheat Midds) 20% protNo listings currently
Cattle Pellets (Barley/Wheat Midds/DDGs) 16% prot 4% fatNo listings currently
Cereal Tailings11
Cereal, ground-dryNo listings currently
Chicken MealNo listings currently
Choice white grease (fat)42
Citrus Pulp PelletsNo listings currently
Coffee ChaffNo listings currently
Commodity Mix (soyhull/gluten/DDG pellets)No listings currently
Commodity Pellet (CG Feed, Midds, Rice Hulls) 12%Prot, 2%fat, 20%fiberNo listings currently
Commodity Pellet (DDG/oat scrn/corn gern/corn stover)89
Commodity Pellet (Wheat Midds & Stover)No listings currently
Commodity Pellet 10%No listings currently
Commodity Pellet 18% Prot 3% Fat (DDGs/midds)No listings currently
Commodity Pellet, 12%No listings currently
Commodity Pellet, 13%No listings currently
Commodity Pellet, 14%No listings currently
Commodity Pellet, 15%No listings currently
Commodity Pellet, wheat midds/corn glutenNo listings currently
Commodity Pellets (DDG/ricehulls/wheatscreenings)No listings currently
Commodity Pellets 12% Prot 3% Fat (hay/wheat midds/DDG)No listings currently
Commodity Pellets 8% Prot 2% Fat (hay/wheat midds/DDG)No listings currently
Cond. Corn Distillers SolublesNo listings currently
Cond. Extr. Glutamic Acid Ferm.No listings currently
Condensed Distillers SolublesNo listings currently
Cookies, packaged120
Corn BranNo listings currently
Corn Bran, groundNo listings currently
Corn Cob PelletsNo listings currently
Corn CobsNo listings currently
Corn Cobs, groundNo listings currently
Corn GermNo listings currently
Corn Germ Meal98
Corn Germ, DefattedNo listings currently
Corn gluten feed16, 122
Corn gluten feed STA MOIST 35% moisture16
Corn gluten feed, pelleted16, 19, 20, 31, 35, 47, 50, 52, 74, 114, 115
Corn gluten feed, wet12, 31, 46, 87, 122
Corn gluten meal16, 20, 31, 35, 46, 122
Corn Oil96, 98, 122, 123
Corn Screenings18, 44
Corn Silage No listings currently
Corn StarchNo listings currently
Corn Steep/LiquidNo listings currently
Corn SteepwaterNo listings currently
Corn Syrup87, 92
Corn, steam-flaked96
Cotton Gin Motes (immature cottonseed/fiber)106
Cottonseed hull pelletsNo listings currently
Cottonseed hulls59
Cottonseed hulls, sacked10
Cottonseed meal10, 59
Cottonseed Meal, Extruded/Expelled99
Cottonseed, whole20, 30, 33, 59
Cottonseed, Whole, Esi-FloNo listings currently
CSM Replacer 41% prot 3% fat112
Cubes 14% DDG and middsNo listings currently
Cubes 18% DDGs and MiddsNo listings currently
Cubes 20% DDG and middsNo listings currently
Dairy Pellet 16% prot 3.5% fat (grnd corn, ddg, sbm, soyhulls)No listings currently
Dairy Powder Analog 18% protNo listings currently
Dairy/Beef Pellet 20% w/added vit/min packNo listings currently
DDG PelletsNo listings currently
Distillers grain, dried9, 16, 20, 23, 43, 44, 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 63, 73, 78, 87, 90, 92, 110, 112, 117, 122, 123
Distillers grain, dried, HiPro112, 117
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet43, 44, 73, 78, 87, 107
Distillers Grain, Wet44, 54, 63, 87, 92, 110, 123
Distillers Grain, wet, HiProNo listings currently
Dried Distillers Grains w/SolublesNo listings currently
Dry Gluten MealNo listings currently
Dry gluten pellets12
Energy Pellet 18% DDGs/Hominy/SoyNo listings currently
Feather Meal57
Fiber Feed PelletNo listings currently
Fish Meal25, 115
Fish Oil, Menhaden25
Fish Oil, VP Gold25
Forage Extender Pellet 10%No listings currently
GEP Pellets15
Gin TrashNo listings currently
Gluten Cake CubesNo listings currently
Grain screening pelletsNo listings currently
Grass/DDG/Molasses PelletNo listings currently
Ground Oat HullsNo listings currently
Ground Oyster ShellsNo listings currently
Gum/Candy, packaged120
High Fat Corn GermNo listings currently
High Fructose Corn Syrup (24%Sugar as is 37% DM)No listings currently
Hominy5, 18, 44, 117
Hominy FeedNo listings currently
Hominy PelletsNo listings currently
Hominy, Hi Fat86
Hominy, High FatNo listings currently
Linseed Meal19
Linseed Meal PelletsNo listings currently
Liquid Feed/De-sugard beet molassNo listings currently
Malt sprout pelletsNo listings currently
Malt SproutsNo listings currently
Midd/Oat PelletsNo listings currently
Midds/Soyhull/Gluten PelletsNo listings currently
Modified Wet Gluten12
Molasses mixtureNo listings currently
Oat Cleanings, ungroundNo listings currently
Oat Feed, Re-groundNo listings currently
Oat Flour49
Oat Hulls, groundNo listings currently
Oat Hulls, ungroundNo listings currently
Oat Meal, Feeding49
Oat Pellets 10%No listings currently
Oat screenings18
Oat Screenings, Ground49
Oat Screenings, pelleted49
Oatmeal PelletsNo listings currently
Oats, lightNo listings currently
Oats, steam-rolledNo listings currently
Organic Canola MealNo listings currently
Oyster Shell10
Palm Kernel Meal - 17% Protein115
Pea HullsNo listings currently
Peanut Butter Feed120
Peanut Hull GranulesNo listings currently
Peanut Hull PelletsNo listings currently
Peanut hull, ground121
Peanut hull/skin meal121
Peanut hull/skin, pelleted121
Pork blood meal42, 57
Pork meat and bone meal42, 57
Poultry By Meal 45% prot114
Poultry Meal - 60% Protein115
Premium Meal No listings currently
Protein Fiber PelletsNo listings currently
Protein Pellet (16%)No listings currently
Protein Tubs 27% prot 8% fat all natural (cotton cake base)117
Rapeseed Meal PelletsNo listings currently
Red Dog6
Refined Soy Oil96
Rice Bran11, 118
Rice Bran, DefatNo listings currently
Rice Hulls11, 85
Rice Hulls, ground118
Rice Meal No listings currently
Rice Mill Feed118
Roughage Extender PelletsNo listings currently
Roughage PelletNo listings currently
Roughage Pellet (DDG/corn cobs)No listings currently
Roughage pellet (stover/wheat midds/oat scrnings/steep)89
Ruminant Blood Meal42, 57, 114
Ruminant Bone MealNo listings currently
Ruminant Meat and Bone Meal42, 57, 115
SBM 47 28, 36, 50, 83, 102
SBM 482, 4, 41, 47, 81, 84
SBM, expelledNo listings currently
SBM, old processed 42%No listings currently
Shrimp MealNo listings currently
Soy Cakes (DM 80.34%,Prot 27.26%, Fat 9.74%)119
Soy Fiber Pellet 11%No listings currently
Soy hulls4, 36, 87, 92
Soy hulls, pelleted2, 10, 20, 28, 36, 41, 47, 50, 52, 59, 74, 81, 83, 84, 102, 109, 117
Soy Meal, Hi-Pro109
Soybean Meal Pellet 13% Prot112
Soybean Meal Pellet 18%112
Soybean Oil, Degummed, Extruded/Expelled113
Soybean ScreeningsNo listings currently
Soybeans, Extruded113
Soybeans, Extruded/Expelled (Candi-Soy)113
Soybeans, RoastedNo listings currently
Steep/Molass/CCDS&VegOilMixNo listings currently
Steep/Molass/CCDS&VegOilMixNo listings currently
Sunflower MealNo listings currently
Sunflower Meal 35%45
Sunflower Meal PelletsNo listings currently
Sunflower Meal, Extruded/Expelled99
Sunflower Pellets 35%45
Sunflower ScreeningsNo listings currently
Sunflower Seed PelletsNo listings currently
Sweet Corn SilageNo listings currently
Veg Interphase95
Vegetable Oil 30% crude fatNo listings currently
Vegetable Oil 90% crude fat95
Vegetable Oil, HydrolyzedNo listings currently
Walnut MealNo listings currently
Walnut ScreeningsNo listings currently
Wet Bran 45-50% MoistureNo listings currently
Wheat BranNo listings currently
Wheat FlakesNo listings currently
Wheat Flour, feed gradeNo listings currently
Wheat Germ, defatted120
Wheat midds5, 6, 17, 63
Wheat midds, pelleted5, 6, 10
Whey PermeateNo listings currently
Whey Protein ConcentrateNo listings currently
Whey, Spray Dried11
Whole Fuzzy Cottonseed74
Whole Roasted Soybeans38
Yellow GreaseNo listings currently
Yellow Peas, WholeNo listings currently

Company Name &
Feed Price/Ton Price Quote
4666 Faries Parkway
Decatur, IL 62525
SBM 48$350.00FOB Decatur, IL
Soy hulls, pelleted$150.00FOB Decatur, IL
400 E. Holt
Box 797
Mexico, MO 65265
SBM 48$342.00No Minimum
Soy hulls$130.00FOB Mexico MO
540 South Street
Lincoln, NE 68501
Tom 866-268-6196 KC/Ark City
Lloyd 402-477-4161 Lincoln
Hominy$100.00FOB Lincoln
Wheat midds$145.00FOB Arkansas City KS $140-150
Wheat midds$135.00FOB Lincoln
Wheat midds, pelleted$160.00FOB Arkansas City KS
ADM Milling-Minneapolis
335 Main St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Red Dog$125.00No Minimum
Wheat midds$105.00All quotes bulk $100-110
Wheat midds, pelleted$120.00FOB Mpls, MN weekend load available
Commodities Specialists
10733 Sunset Office Drive
Suite 260
St. Louis, MO 63127
Brewers grain, pressed(73%mstr)$56.00FOB St Louis FEB 1 32%CP,0.83NEL,9.1%FAT Del 50 mi $58; Del 100 mi $60; Del 200 mi $70
5500 Cenex Dr MS370
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077-1733
Brett, Scott, Michael or Karen
Distillers grain, dried$170.0025% CP, 10% CF; FOB MN
Distillers grain, dried$190.00FOB IA
Distillers grain, dried$205.00FOB IL
Distillers grain, dried$200.00FOB IN
Distillers grain, dried$195.00FOB Median NY
Distillers grain, driedoutFOB MI
Distillers grain, dried$190.00FOB Milton WI
Distillers grain, dried$170.00FOB ND
Distillers grain, dried$200.00FOB Sauget IL
Distillers grain, dried$170.00FOB SD
CyberAg Feed Co., Inc.
Box 12707
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
Cottonseed hulls, sacked$215.00FOB Jonestown MS (45s)
Cottonseed meal$300.00FOB Memphis TN
Oyster Shell$261.00FOB KC MO (Sacked)
Soy hulls, pelleted$125.00FOB Var IL ship pts(SellerOption)bulk
Wheat midds, pelleted$135.00FOB St Louis MO bulk
Diversified Ingr.
143 W. Clinton Place
St. Louis, MO 63122
Greg McArthur
636-200-9024/Cell 314-650-9772
Alfalfa pellets $245.00FOB St Louis MO
Cereal Tailings$155.00FOB Perryville MO
Rice Bran$125.00FOB St Louis MO
Rice Hulls$70.00FOB St Louis MO
Whey, Spray DriedoutFOB St Louis MO
D & R Feed Inc.
603 2nd St.
Victor, IA 52347
Nathan or Brian
Corn gluten feed, wet$50.00FOB Cedar Rapids IA
Dry gluten pellets$135.00FOB Cedar Rapids IA
Modified Wet Gluten$77.00FOB Muscatine IA
Endres Processing
13420 Courthouse Blvd
Rosemont, MN 55068
651-438-5704/Cell 612-578-6088
Bakery Feed$150.00FOB Anamosa IA No Min.
Bakery Feed$150.00FOB Rosemount, MN
Garvey Processing, Inc.
200 W 11th Ave
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
Dave Watson
15-4 Pellet (DDGs/cgf/soyhulls)$155.00FOB KC
GEP Pellets$110.00FOB KC 9% CP 1% fat;
Grain Processing Corp.
1600 Oregon St.
Muscatine, IA 52761
Corn gluten feed$150.00FOB Washington IN (Loose)
Corn gluten feed STA MOIST 35% moisture$72.00FOB Muscatine, IA
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$153.00FOB Washington IN
Corn gluten meal$635.00FOB Muscatine IA
Distillers grain, dried$298.00FOB Muscatine IA (bulk); 20 ton min
Green Commodities
P.O. Box 3682
Shawnee Mission, KS 66203
Wheat midds$145.00FOB KC (truck)freight rate 25 tons $140-150
Wheat midds$135.00FOB St. Louis (truck) $130-140
Hansen Marketing Inc.
4433 Country Aire Court
Oneida, WI 54155
Gary Hansen
FAX 920-865-1230
Corn Screenings$133.00FOB Springfield MO
Hominy$157.00FOB Springfield MO
Oat screenings$115.00FOB Springfield MO
Labudde Group
P.O. Box 420
Grafton, WI 53024
Jenny 262-375-0446
Beet Pulp Pellets$160.00FOB Renville MN
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$135.00FOB Clinton IA
Linseed Meal$235.00FOB Red Wing MN
Lackawanna Products
8545 Main Street
P.O. Box 660
Clarence, NY 14031
FAX 716-633-1490
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$166.00FOB Springfield, MO
Corn gluten meal$650.00FOB Chicago, IL
Cottonseed, whole$285.00FOB Memphis
Distillers grain, dried$227.00FOB Springfield, MO Pellets $233
Soy hulls, pelleted$157.00FOB Springfield, MO
MGP Ingredients
1300 Main St.
Atchison, KS 66002
Phil Intfen 913-360-5253
1-800-255-0302 X5253
Distillers grain, dried$180.00FOB Atchison, KS
Omega Protein, Inc.
2101 City West Blvd
Building 3, Suite 500
Houston, TX 77042
Chris Schneider 713-940-6160
Fish Meal$1,775.00FOB Gulf Bag +$50 ton
Fish Meal$1,775.00FOB Reedville VA Bag +$50 ton
Fish Meal$1,835.00SpecSelMenhadFOBStLMO Bag+$50 ton
Fish Oil, Menhaden$2,000.00($1.00 lb)Crude, FOB Gulf
Fish Oil, VP Gold$2,800.00($1.40 lb)FOB Reedville VA
P.O. Box 329
Quincy, IL 62306
SBM 47 $347.00FOB Quincy IL No Min
Soy hulls, pelleted$140.00
Riley Cotton Co.
9712 US HWY 61
New Madrid, MO 63869
R.D. James
Cottonseed, wholeoutFOB New Madrid;
Roquette America
1 Progress St.
Keokuk, IA 52632
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$150.00FOB Keokuk, IA
Corn gluten feed, wet$52.00
Corn gluten meal$650.00(60%)
Stoddard County Cotton
17114 County Road
Bernie, MO 63822
Jenny or Bill
Cottonseed, whole$285.00FOB Bernie, MO
Key Ingredients, Inc.
1115 Vicksburg Lane - Ste 19
Plymouth, MN 55447
Randy Betcher
(763) 476-5957
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$132.50FOB IA plants $130-135
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$127.50FOB IL Plants $125-130
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$168.00FOB S MO $162-174
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$159.00FOB S WI $154-164
Corn gluten mealoutFOB Chicago IL (60%) rail
Corn gluten meal$630.00FOB IA plants 60%)$620-640
Corn gluten meal$640.00FOB IL plants $630-650
1935 E. Euclid
Des Moines, IA 50313
SBM 47 $347.00All FOB Des Moines
Soy hulls$130.005 ton min.
Soy hulls, pelleted$130.00
Maneval, Inc.
PO Box 338
Jasper, MO 64755
Mark Maneval
Whole Roasted Soybeans$725.00FOB Jasper, MO
Consolidated Grain and Barge
Soybean Processing Division
2781 Bluff Road
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
Bill McBee/ Brian Barrett
SBM 48$367.00FOB Mt. Vernon, IN
Soy hulls, pelleted$130.00FOB Mt. Vernon, IN
Fairway Dairy and Ingredients LLC
17725 Juniper Path
Lakeville, MN 55044
John Kwasek
Choice white grease (fat)$560.00FOB Central MN & Central WI $.28 LB
Pork blood meal$1,025.00FOB Central MN & Central WI
Pork meat and bone meal$415.00FOB Central MN & Central WI
Ruminant Blood Meal$1,000.00FOB Central MN & Central WI
Ruminant Meat and Bone Meal$395.00FOB Central MN & Central WI
Bartlett and Company
4900 Main Street
Suite 1200
Kansas City, MO 64112
Distillers grain, dried$190.00FOB Malta Bend MO
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet$90.00
Trade Comm
PO Box 31
Rich Hill, MO 64779
Tim Champlin
Corn Screenings$145.00FOB Rich Hill MO
Distillers grain, dried$205.00FOB Rich Hill MO
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet$110.00FOB Rich Hill MO
Distillers Grain, Wet$93.00FOB Rich Hill MO
Hominy$145.00FOB Rich Hill MO
ADM-Northern Sun
5525 136th Ave SE
Enderlin, ND 58027
Penny Bartholomay/Pat Wangler
Canola Meal 36%$212.00FOB Enderlin ND Limited Availability
Canola Pellets 38%$217.00FOB Enderlin ND Limited Availability
Sunflower Meal 35%$205.00FOB Enderlin ND
Sunflower Pellets 35%$210.00FOB Enderlin ND
Penford Products
1001 First Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Corn gluten feed, wet$42.00FOB Cedar Rapids
Corn gluten meal$600.00FOB Cedar Rapids
NutraAg, LLC
12747 Market Rd
Versailles, MO 65084
Leonard M. Martin
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$170.00Mixing and delivery of products available.
Distillers grain, dried$230.00FOB Versailles
SBM 48$405.00
Soy hulls, pelleted$164.00
Grain Millers, Inc
Cabriole Center - Suite 400
9531 West 78th Street
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
David Shimota
800-328-5188 X321
Oat Flour$325.00FOB St Ansgar IA bulk and totes
Oat Meal, Feeding$350.00FOB Springfield MO
Oat Screenings, Ground$120.00FOB St Ansgar IA
Oat Screenings, pelleted$230.00FOB Springfield MO
Rt 1 Box 26A
Baring, MO 63531
Lewis Burkholder
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$160.00FOB Baring MO
Distillers grain, dried$209.00FOB Baring MO
SBM 47 $380.00FOB Baring MO
Soy hulls, pelleted$160.00We have ability to blend 2 or more byprod+add mineral pacs. Delivery available.
Soyplus$430.0042.5% protein
Weigand Feed & Grain
327 NW 900
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$170.00FOB Warrensburg Semi loads only
Distillers grain, dried$220.00FOB Warrensburg Semi loads only
Soy hulls, pelleted$180.00FOB Warrensburg Semi loads only Delivery available on byproducts.
Poet Nutrition
4506 N Lewis Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Abby (dry) 605-965-6245; Justin (wet) 605-965-6277
Distillers grain, dried$193.00FOB Laddonia, MO
Distillers grain, dried$188.00FOB Macon, MO
Distillers Grain, Wet$63.00FOB Laddonia MO
Distillers Grain, Wet$63.00FOB Macon MO
Gavilon 2
11 Conagra Drive
Omaha, NE 68102
Distillers grain, dried$180.00FOB IA (will quote dlvd)
Distillers grain, dried$185.00FOB MO (will quote dlvd)
Distillers grain, dried$175.00FOB NE (will quote dlvd)
Gavilon 3
11 Conagra Drive
Omaha, NE 68102
Kyle or Aaron
Feather Meal$580.00FOB Missouri River
Pork blood meal$900.00FOB Missouri River
Pork meat and bone meal$380.00FOB Missouri River
Ruminant Blood Meal$875.00FOB Missouri River
Ruminant Meat and Bone Meal$365.00FOB Missouri River
Gavilon 5
11 Conagra Drive
Omaha, NE 68102
Eric, Daniel or Kelly
Cottonseed hulls$135.00FOB Greenwood MS
Cottonseed hulls$115.00FOB Pine Bluff AR
Cottonseed meal$315.0038% FOB Greenwood MS
Cottonseed meal$315.0041% FOB Pine Bluff AR
Cottonseed, whole$275.00FOB Kennett MO
Soy hulls, pelleted$130.00FOB Emporia KS
Soy hulls, pelleted$125.00FOB St Joseph MO
The Scoular Company
1224 E 15th St
Russell, KS 67665
Jill DeRoy
Distillers grain, driedoutFOB Russell KS
Distillers Grain, Wet$66.00FOB Russell KS
Wheat midds$130.00FOB Russell KS(will quote delivered)
Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc
PO Box 158
Richmond , MO 64085
Anthony Schreiner
Distillers grain, dried$195.00FOB Carrollton MO
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet$95.00FOB Carrollton MO
Agri Trading
340 Michigan St SE
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Brett - Ext 14
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$130.00Cedar Rapids IA
Soy hulls, pelleted$120.00FOB St Joseph MO
Whole Fuzzy Cottonseed$270.00FOB Memphis
Louis Dreyfus Commodities
1149 U Avenue
Grand Junction, IA 50107
Bradley Petersen
Distillers grain, dried$185.00FOB Grand Junction IA
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet$90.00FOB Grand Junction IA
Bunge North America 1
19560 Bunge Avenue
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Jackie Dargin
SBM 48$330.40FOB Council Bluffs IA
Soy hulls, pelleted$115.00FOB Council Bluffs IA
Bunge North America 2
203 34th Street
Cairo, IL 62914
Larry Mohundro
618-734-4141 Ext 226
SBM 47 $369.50FOB Cairo IL
Soy hulls, pelleted$120.00FOB Cairo IL
Bunge North America 3
701 East 6th Avenue
Emporia, KS 66801
Jessie Smith
SBM 48$332.50FOB Emporia KS
Soy hulls, pelleted$120.00FOB Emporia KS
All Star Trading
2100 Clearwater Dr
Suite 320
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Fax 847-375-8813
Alfalfa pellets $375.00FOB NE 17% dehy
Rice Hulls$20.00FOB Southeast TX
SEMO Milling LLC
Corn Dry Milled By-Products
261 River Rd
Scott City, MO 63780
Doug Bailiff
573-264-2677 X107
Hominy, Hi Fat$126.00FOB Cape Girardeau 11% crude prot 8% crude fat average
New Balance Commodities
2320 Birch Ave
Nodaway, IA 50857
Jason McManis
Corn gluten feed, wet$55.00FOB IA
Corn gluten feed, wet$47.00FOB MO
Corn Syrup$30.00FOB IA
Corn Syrup$25.00FOB MO
Distillers grain, dried$185.00FOB IA
Distillers grain, dried$190.00FOB MO
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet$90.00FOB IA
Distillers Grain, Wet$100.00FOB MO
Soy hulls$115.00FOB IA
Soy hulls$125.00FOB MO
Iowa Agricultural Bio Fibers
1918 900th Street
Harlan, IA 51537
Jake Schechinger
Commodity Pellet (DDG/oat scrn/corn gern/corn stover)$201.00FOB Harlan IA 15% protein
Roughage pellet (stover/wheat midds/oat scrnings/steep)$167.00FOB Harlan IA 11% prot 2% fat
J. D. Heiskell
2501 SE Tones Dr
Ankeny, IA 50021
Distillers grain, dried$170.00FOB IA
Didion Milling
501 South Williams St
Cambria, WI 53923
Garry Gard
Corn Syrup$45.00FOB Cambria WI
Distillers grain, dried$187.00FOB Cambria WI
Distillers Grain, Wet$48.00FOB Cambria WI
Soy hulls$120.00FOB Cambria WI
Agridyne, LLC
P.O. Box 7510
Springfield, IL 62791
Rod Hartzold
800-575-7585 Ext. 207
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMix$207.00FOB Ft Worth TX
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMix$177.00FOB Nebraska City NE
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMix$168.00FOB Pekin IL
Steep,CCDS,CornSyr,VegOilMix$194.00FOB Scott City KS (16% Protein 10% Fat (23 ton minimum) All Locations)
Vita Plus Loyal
213 E Mill St
Loyal, WI 54446
Matt Jorgensen/Sheri Stumpner
Fax 715-255-9600
Canola Meal 36%$240.00FOB Watertown WI, McGregor IA, Winona MN
Canola Meal Pellets$240.00FOB Watertown WI, McGregor IA, Winona MN
Agri-Fine Corporation
2701 East 100th Street
Chicago, IL 60617
Erik, Alex
Veg Interphase$40.00FOB Chicago IL
Vegetable Oil 90% crude fat$650.00FOB Chicago IL
R&B Feeds
200 Oak Street
Atlantic, IA 50022
Trish Dalbey
712-243-1064/Cell 816-351-1735
Cane Molasses$345.00FOB Atlantic IA
Corn Oil$1,995.00FOB Atlantic IA
Corn, steam-flaked$335.00FOB Atlantic IA
Refined Soy Oil$1,705.00FOB Atlantic IA Packaging options available on products.
Noble Mansfield Renewable Energy
954 N Main Ave
Corporate Centre
Sioux Center, IA 51038
Bernie Punt
712-722-3002/Cell 712-441-0156
Corn Germ MealoutFOB Merrill IA
Corn Oilout
CPE Feeds Inc
1678 FM 403
Brownfield, TX 79316
Tanner Skains
Office 806-637-7458/Cell 806-891-4975
Cottonseed Meal, Extruded/Expelled$290.00FOB Brownfield TX 26%Prot 6%Fat
Sunflower Meal, Extruded/Expelled$225.00FOB Brownfield TX 30%Prot 10%Fat Min
ADM Processing Deerfield
17700 South T Highway
Deerfield, MO 64741
Ryan Stanley
417-927-3400 Ext 13104
SBM 47 $342.00FOB Deerfield MO
Soy hulls, pelleted$140.00FOB Deerfield MO
Rawlings Brokerage Company
PO Box 929
McComb, MS 39469
Kennon Singley
800-876-1241/Cell 601-248-9246
Cotton Gin Motes (immature cottonseed/fiber)$55.00FOB Money MS Min Prot 8% Fat 1.5% Fiber 38% - TDN 65 (17 ton ave/walking floors only) APR-SEPT
Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC
10406 N 1725th St
Palestine, IL 62451
Clint Davidson
Distillers Grain, Modified Wet$78.00FOB Palestine IL
Kent Nutrition Group
2905 Highway 61 North
Muscatine, IA 52761
Ed or Steve
866-647-1212 Ext 3;
Soy hulls, pelleted$130.00FOB Cairo IL
Soy hulls, pelleted$120.00FOB Cedar Rapids IA
Soy hulls, pelleted$130.00FOB St Joseph MO
Soy Meal, Hi-Pro$343.00FOB Cedar Rapids IA
Soy Meal, Hi-Pro$328.00FOB Iowa Falls IA
Soy Meal, Hi-Pro$323.00FOB Sioux City IA
Pratt Energy LLC
10333 NE 30th St
Pratt, KS 67124
Miles Henderson
Distillers grain, dried$190.00FOB Pratt KS
Distillers Grain, Wet$68.00FOB Pratt KS
Butler Milling, LLC
707 Rice Road
Butler, MO 64730
Chris Wake
CSM Replacer 41% prot 3% fat$300.00FOB Butler MO (sbm,ddg,csm)
Distillers grain, dried$180.00FOB Butler MO 25% prot 6% fat
Distillers grain, dried, HiPro$215.00FOB Butler MO 36% prot 6% fat
Soybean Meal Pellet 13% Prot$115.00FOB Butler MO
Soybean Meal Pellet 18%$155.00FOB Butler MO
Jasper Soy Processors LLC
220 West Wall Street
Jasper, MN 56144
Brian Sievert
Soybean Oil, Degummed, Extruded/Expelled$891.00FOB Jasper MN
Soybeans, Extruded$494.47FOB Jasper MN
Soybeans, Extruded/Expelled (Candi-Soy)$402.43FOB MN
Wilbur-Ellis Co Feed Division
841 South Meridian Ave
Suite A
Valley Center, KS 67147
Ron Ellis
Avian Blood Meal 85% prot$850.00FOB Rosser TX
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$148.00FOB Joplin MO
Poultry By Meal 45% prot$500.00FOB Gaffney SC
Poultry By Meal 45% prot$450.00FOB Rosser TX
Ruminant Blood Meal$950.00FOB Gaffney SC 85% prot
Midwest Agriculture International, LLC
12020 Shamrock Plaza
Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68154
Iva Vernon
Corn gluten feed, pelleted$210.00FOB Iowa (loose)
Fish MealoutFOB Gulf (sacked, 65% protein)
Palm Kernel Meal - 17% ProteinoutFOB Gulf (sacked)
Poultry Meal - 60% Protein$590.00FOB MN (sacked)
Ruminant Meat and Bone Meal$395.00FOB CA (loose)
8401 Outer Road
Mountain Grove, MO 65711
Webb Howerton
Distillers grain, dried$212.00FOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)
Distillers grain, dried, HiPro$245.00FOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)
Hominy$144.00FOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)
Protein Tubs 27% prot 8% fat all natural (cotton cake base)$750.00FOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)
Soy hulls, pelleted$154.00FOB South Central MO (will quote dlvd)
Pacific Ag Commodities
PO Box 348376
Sacramento, CA 95834
Christopher Cota
916-419-8592 cell/916-419-8590 office
Rice Bran$120.00FOB Mermentau LA
Rice Hulls, ground$20.00FOB Crowley LA
Rice Mill Feed$55.00FOB Crowley LA
Integrity Sales, LLC
620 West Mohawk Trail
Deforest, WI 53532
Chuck Coyle
Soy Cakes (DM 80.34%,Prot 27.26%, Fat 9.74%)$120.00FOB WI
Nutrecycle LLC
PO Box 428
Tipton, IA 52772
Ken McKay
Bulk Loose Hard Candy$65.00FOB Chicago
Cookies, packaged$65.00FOB Chicago
Gum/Candy, packaged$60.00FOB Chicago
Peanut Butter Feed$220.00FOB Ohio River Valley
Wheat Germ, defatted$95.00FOB IN, IL
Ag Fibers, LLC
1301 Ennis Rd
PO Box 2133
Dothan, AL 36303
Kendall Merritt
334-699-2848/Cell 334-806-1672
Peanut hull, ground$37.00FOB Dothan AL
Peanut hull/skin meal$50.00FOB Dothan AL
Peanut hull/skin, pelleted$85.00FOB Dothan AL (8% prot min, 3% fat min guarantee)
Aventine Renewable Energy #1
1300 South 2nd Street
Pekin, IL 61554
Jordan Laflen/Seth King
Corn gluten feed$90.00FOB Pekin IL
Corn gluten feed, wet$60.00FOB Pekin IL
Corn gluten meal$630.00FOB Pekin IL
Corn Oil$600.00FOB Pekin IL $.30 lb.
Distillers grain, dried$215.00FOB Pekin IL
Aventine Renewable Energy #2
2103 Harvest Drive
Aurora, NE 68818
JB Voss
Corn Oil$600.00FOB Aurora NE $.30 lb
Distillers grain, dried$170.00FOB Aurora NE
Distillers Grain, Wet$60.00FOB Aurora NE

This bulletin is produced by the faculty and staff from the University of Missouri Division of Animal Sciences and Commercial Agriculture Program. Prices of feeds are as of the day quoted and are subject to change. When contacting companies inquire as to availability, minimum size loads, and method of payment.

DISCLAIMER: The University of Missouri and University of Missouri Extension are not responsible for quality, availability or changes in prices of feedstuffs listed.

For additional information contact:
Joe Horner
Dairy Extension
MU Extension Commercial Agriculture
223 B Mumford Hall
University of Missouri
Justin Sexten
Beef Nutrition Extension
MU Extension Commercial Agriculture
S-132A Animal Science Center
University of Missouri

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