Current Technologies We're Using
Eugene FFA
Scott Brown, Columbia, MO
January 15, 2016

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(Session notes provided by AgEBB staff with the help of Eugene FFA)

Eugene FFA Students shared how social media could help or harm an agriculture operation or business. They shared how consumers are often unknowledgeable about agriculture practices and how social media can be used to educate. They also shared the different types of social media.

Scott Brown shared about how wearable technology could be used on the farm. He also shared how it can be connected to his phone. He showed the basics of how wearable technology works. They can be used for email, making calls, looking up contacts, tracking steps and other health features, and updating a calendar. There is a GPS built in to the Samsung watch that he uses in his everyday life. He prefers the Samsung over the Apple watch because he can use it without his phone right with him. He can use the GPS system without having his phone. He explained how its synchronized to his phone and outlook. Scott enjoys that if an email comes in during a meeting, he likes that he is able to check it on his wrist rather than pulling out his phone. It is also waterproof. He says he is more apt to get cell service with his Samsung watch before he gets it on his Galaxy Note 5. The Samsung watch uses a wireless charge dock. He normally can get two full days on one charge.

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