Community Commons and CARES
Chris Barnett, Columbia, MO

January 15, 2016

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(Session notes provided by AgEBB staff with the help of Eugene FFA)

Community Commons was launched in 2012 replacing CARES. The Community Commons has been improved by updating the data search and can now be used to share and save maps. On Community Commons, once an account has been created, the user can search soil types, elevations, and this data can be shared with the public. Hubs are also part of Community Commons. Hubs enable a learning community. With Hubs, graphics can be applied to understand how and where plants should be grown. This can also display market reports, such as produce auctions, farmers markets, and potential buyers within the area. To research more information, visit,, or these speciality links: or

The mobile has been in pre-testing for two years and is now being tested by actual farmers, but all results are positive. Hopefully, soon this app will be able to be used more widespread.

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