Unmanned Arial Vehicles On The Farm
Kent Shannon, Centralia, MO
January 16, 2016

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(Session notes provided by AgEBB staff with the help of Eugene FFA)

Kent Shannon discuss the most recent rules to flying an UAV:

  • For hobby or recreational use
  • Community based organization
  • Not going to interfere with other air craft (within 5 miles of airport)
A good website to stay up to date on the most recent regulations is Knowbeforeyoufly.org.

Drone registration is required as of Dec 21st, 2015. The owner of the drone registers himself rather than the actual devices. This registration is through the FAA and needs to be completed if the drone is below 55 lbs and above 0.55 lb.. Number on registration should be put on drone, but can be on multiple drones.

Kent discussed using drones for crop scouting. He also explained autonomous flight and how a drone can be run by an iPad or iPhone app. An Aeriality Video takes several passes and numerous pictures then pieces them together. The resolution for this type of was so good that he could count rows and tell exactly where fertilizer had been applied. The downside of this method is that it takes up quite a bit of data storage.

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