Ag Site Assesment Tool
Ray Massey, Columbia, MO
January 16, 2016

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(Session notes provided by AgEBB staff with the help of Eugene FFA)

Ray Massey explained the benefits and how to navigate the website.

Four Steps to Your Report
  • Enter a nearby location (city, county, zip code) and press Open Tool.
  • Navigate to your site.
  • Outline your site.
  • Generate your report.
Explore Your Report
  • Scan reports sections.
  • Click on underlined topics to access explanatory information.
  • Click on the multiple View Maps icons to access topic specific maps of your land.
Use Your Report
  • Print the report or save it as a PDF File.
  • Give it to your landlord, tenant, or crop advisor to facilitate discussions.
  • Use it to expolore new production alternatives.
  • Create one before purchasing a piece of land to find out more about it.
  • Include it in leanding and real estate appraisal activities.

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