Irrigation App
Gene Stevens, Portageville, MO
Zach Straatmann, Village Ridge, MO
January 9, 2015

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(Session notes provided by AgEBB staff with the help of Eugene FFA)

Gene Stevens presented the conference group with information on his new app dealing with irrigation that is being developed by AgEBB, specifically Stephen Martin & John Travlos. The app uses data from multiple factors, one being evapotranspiration to determine when and how much water you should use to irrigate your crops with. The technology takes rainfall and soil type into account as well, and will actually become accessible in a mobile app. Thus for all research has shown that by using the app you yield more crops while using less water.

The mobile has been in pre-testing for two years and is now being tested by actual farmers, but all results are positive. Hopefully, soon this app will be able to be used more widespread.

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