Using CattleWorks for Cattle Management

Leslie CrustCass Career Center FFABeth Throckmorton
Jeni GoinsHarrisonville, MissouriJason Dieckhoff, Advisor

January 5, 2007

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Importance of Performance Records

  • Aid in Important Management Decisions
  • Track Unproductive Cows for Culling
  • Track Superior Genetics for Replacement Females
  • Animal Identification System will be more and more important in the future
  • Allows accurate time and financial budget factors
  • Keep cows & calves straight during important management practices

What CattleWorks Allows You to Do

  • Input Specific Information on Each Cow & Calf, such as Tag Numbers, Birth Weight, Purchase Price, Sire/Dam, and there is a lot of room for user data and descriptions
  • Define a specific pasture or farm for each animal, then you can relocate each animal to different pastures or farms
  • Track management practices such as AI, vaccinations, castration, worming, feeding, branding, tattooing, etc…..
  • Generate many reports, ranging from cow specific to overall herd
  • Summary of health, management practices, finances, location summary, and more

CattleWorks ® Cattle Management Software Brochure

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