Computers on the Farm Conference

Email Etiquette - Using This Business
Tool Appropriately

Michael Stachiw, Columbia
January 6, 2004

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(Session notes and pictures provided by AgEBB staff)

Michael Stachiw informed listeners of the proper email etiquette.


  • Get to the point
  • Plain text still rules
  • Be careful when using abbreviations...not everyone may know them
  • Avoid using smilies, examples :) ;) :(


  • Include previous message
  • If complex, number your points
  • Remove portions of the message if it has been forwarded and replied to several times

    Email Privacy

  • Not secure
  • Avoid sensitive information
  • Be aware your message can get forwarded without your knowledge


  • Forwarding jokes with 200 addresses
  • Large attachments
  • Failure to re-read email before sending
  • Typing messages in upper-case


  • When mass emailing use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)
  • Use meaningful subjects
  • Be aware of viruses, hoaxes, or chain letters
  • Don't reply to spam

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