Computers on the Farm Conference

eBay - Don't Be Afraid to Use it
for Farm & Home

Gerry Snapp, Marshall
Kandi Whitten, Rolla
January 6, 2004

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(Session notes and pictures provided by AgEBB staff)

Gerry and Kandi talked about the various uses of eBay for the farm and the home. They broke it into two subtopics: Gerry talked about buying and Kandi talked about selling.


  • There are literally millions and millions of items currently listed to bid on
  • You can buy almost anything except live animals and fire arms...even cars and houses
  • Advice: The prices of items generally sky rocket as the auction comes to a close
  • A reserve is a hidden minimum accepted price that is set by the seller
  • You MUST register to buy...but not to browse
  • HINT: Look at how people rate a seller


  • Give the item you are selling a category so it is easy for the public to find
  • Give each item a title and a short and sweet to keep interest of public
  • You, as a seller, can chose length of auction, starting price, how to deal with shipping, and many other options
  • HINT: Pictures are very, very important to the sell of an you want to buy something you can't see?
  • You must register to sell

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