Computers on the Farm Conference

Spreadsheets - From basics to power tools
Allen Adam, Vandalia
Jason Dieckhoff, Higginsville
January 6, 2003

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Alan Adam (left), of Vandalia, Missouri, and Jason Dieckhoff (right), of Higginsville, Missouri, presented how each of them uses spreadsheets on their farms. Dieckhoff demonstrated the basics of spreadsheets and how spreadsheets are useful to help track daily crop prices and create graphs to aid in making technical analysis decissions. Adam showed Edwin's Power Tools for Excel. Edwin's Power Tools are an add-in feature of Excel that help with some of the common formatting and data transformation functions people often need. Adam demonstrated how useful these addtional funcation are for analyzing soil test results on his farming operation.

A handout from the presentation can be found at the following site:

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