Computers on the Farm Conference

On the Horizon - New Technologies for the Farm
Grant Mangold, Editor "Ag Innovator" Magazine
January 9, 2002

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Grant Mangold is the Founder and Editor of @gInnovator and is the Senior Technology Editor for Successful Farming magazine and @griculture Online. Grant was unable to join us this year for the conference in person. However, using a speakerphone and Windows NetMeeting, Grant was able to share his presentation with the attendees of the conference and answer some of their questions.

Grant shared information on new agriculture technologies including new ag software, hand held computers, wearable computers, GPS related equipment and high speed wireless internet connections.

The PowerPoint presentation that Grant showed via NetMeeting can be downloaded and viewed below.

Grant also shared the website for @gInnovator, which can be accessed at the @griculture Online website at

View Powerpoint Presentation

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