Computers on the Farm Conference

Beef Production Software
Tools to take home
Commercial Agriculture Beef Focus Team
January 8, 2002

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Richard Randle began with an overview of Cow-Calf Record Management software he had developed. While he began this database in DOS, it is now available in Access. This software provides valuable information for evaluation and management of a cowherd.

Bob Larson then explained partial budget uses of pre-formatted spreadsheets available on AgEBB through the Commercial Agriculture program. Partial budgeting can help answer "What if" questions by organizing small economic changes, according to Larson.

Finally, K.C. Olson explained the value of the Trump-Suter Mineral Calculator. This tool aides farmers by calculating the mineral mix to complement the forage and feed intakes of their animals. This is accomplished by a process of testing and data analysis.

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