Computers on the Farm
2001 Program
January 3 & 4, 2001

"Toys of the Trade"
Peripheral Devices and How They Can Be Used for the Farm

Stephen Martin, MU

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Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin, MU, discusses pros and cons of various peripheral devices.

Whether you have purchased a new computer "toy", or are just waiting for the right one to come along, today's computer peripheral "toy box" is overflowing with devices that have practical applications on the farm. From scanners to digital cameras, net cams to CD recordable drives, there are more affordable and useful devices on the market than anyone could possibly sort through. With all of these devices, how can you determine which "toy" you should use on the farm? The purpose of this session is to help answer this question. We will explore some of the ways that computer peripherals are being used by farm operations, and introduce some new devices and their possibilities.


Uses: Scanners
Questions to consider before you purchase a scanner.

Digital Cameras
Questions to consider before you purchase a digital camera.

Digital Video

Sometimes it is more effective to express an idea through the use of pictures than by using words. If one picture is worth a thousand words then it seems that thirty pictures a second would be worth even more. While capturing, editing, and distributing digital video is becoming easier and more affordable every day, it is still a rather complex topic. There are many ways to get digital video into your computer, but no matter how you capture it, there is a very BIG issue to deal with.

Presented by Stephen Martin during the 2001 Computers on the Farm Conference.
Stephen can be reached by e-mail at or by telephone at 573-882-4827.

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