Computers on the Farm Conference

Using a Geneology Program for Livestock (Sheep example)
Lyndon Irwin, Bois D'arc, MO
January 4, 2001

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Lyndon Irwin gave a presentation Wednesday morning about how to use a human genealogy software program for your livestock records. He demonstrated the reports that can be obtained from using a computer software package, which can be especially useful for commercial breeders to keep record of ancestors for your breeding herd.

A sample of the different reports available are shown below:

Report 1:

Irwin and Sheep Wool Report 1
Irwin Sheep and Wool
Registered Corriedale and Natural Colored Sheep

Lyndon, Barbra, and Phillip Irwin
3902 N State Highway UU
Bois D'Arc, MO 65612

phone: 417-742-4311,

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Report 2:

Irwin and Sheep Wool Report 2

Report 3:

Irwin and Sheep Wool Report 3

Report 4:

Irwin and Sheep Wool Report 4

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