Computers on the Farm Conference

Using Digital Images for Plant Diagnostics
Barb Corwin, MU
January 5, 2000

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Barb Corwin
Barb Corwin, MU Extension Specialist,
explains how digital imaging can make plant disease
diagnosis possible from many miles away.

Barb Corwin with the MU Extension Plant Diagnostic Clinic spoke Wednesday evening in concurrent sessions about a newly designed site in which users could upload digital images of diseased plants from anywhere in Missouri. Corwin's talk started out with a basic introduction to digital imaging, containing topics such as:

The MU Extension Plant Diagnostic Clinic was created to achieve remote diagnosis of plant diseases, said Corwin. She went on to say that local extension offices have been equipped with digital cameras for this purpose. Expected outcomes include:
  1. Rapid support for affected plants,
  2. Images can be used for direct diagnosis, and
  3. Users can supply supplementary information with their photos.
Submitted plant photos and information will be kept confidential. All a user needs is access to a digital camera or scanner, photo editing software, and the Internet.

The MU Extension Plant Diagnostic Clinic is accessible online at

View Barb Corwin's PowerPoint presentation

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