Agricultural Resources on the Internet

Maryann Redelfs and Don Day presented on Agricultural Resources on the Internet. They presented information about what the internet consists of, what options there are with it, how to access the information that is available and some of the different resources that are out there. Maryann and Don talked about how electronic mail or e-mail can be used. They also discussed the use of listservs. Listservs are special intrest groups where issues are discussed by individuals through e-mail. The World Wide Web was a popular topic that they presented on. They showed many WWW sites where agricultural information is available and how to find even more by using search engines. Some WWW sites are sites for various software packages. These sites give information about the software and may even have the option to download the full version of the program or a demo version right from the WWW site. Another very interesting and useful part of the presentation was on Selecting an Internet Provoder. They discussed important items and features that should be included with internet packages. They gave a Service Provider Checklist to help ensure a good Internet Service which is listed below.

	Service Provider Checklist

Company Details
	1.  How long have you been in business?
	2.  How many subscribers do you have?
	3.  How many modems in your pool?
Programs, Features, Support, etc.
	4.  What customer support is available?
	5.  Can I try the service free for a week or get a demo 
	6.  Is there a local or toll-free telephone number I 
	    can use?
	7.  Do I have full Telnet and FTP access?
	8.  What newsreaders do you use?
	9.  What mail programs do you offer?
	10.  Do you provide menu access to the World Wide Web?
	11.  Do you have SLIP/PPP access?
	12.  Do you provide SLIP/PPP software?
	13.  Can I find out online how many hours I have used in
	     a month?
	14.  Do you have a file library with freeware or 
	15.  How much space am I allowed on your server?
Rates and Payment Plans
	16.  Is there a flat monthly rate or am I billed per hour?
	17.  What are the rates for a shell and SLIP/PPP account 
	     whithout a service fee?
	18.  If I go over a certain number of hours in a month, 
	     what happens to the rate?
	19.  Can I upgrade from a shell to a SLIP/PPP account 
	     without a service fee?
	20.  Am I billed with a statement or do you automatically
	     charge my credit card account?
Source: Using the Internet. Que, 1994

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