Computers on The Farm - 97

Digital Cameras - Uses and Limitations

Photo of digital camera session

Stephen Martin presented a session on Digital Cameras, how they are used, what some of their limitations are and the advantages they have over film cameras. He showed how to take pictures and download them to the computer from a Casio QV-10A. The Casio QV-10A can store up to 96 pictures at a time. It has a small, built-in screen for viewing the pictures. You can also output the pictures to a VCR for recording to a video tape to create a video photo album. He also showed how to convert them to a different format that is a smaller sized file and useable on web pages. He also showed how to use a video camera with a "Snappy" to take pictures. The Snappy hooks between the video camera and the computer. The computer runs special software that comes with the Snappy unit. You can see the camera output on the screen and when you have a picture that you want, you snap it on the computer and it saves it as a still picture. These files can be saved in various formats for different applications.

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