Implementation on the Farm

"Maintenance Requirements" for
NRCS EQIP Cost-Share

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Maintenance statements from NRCS standard:

  1. Replacement of dead trees or shrubs will be continued until the barrier is functional (90% of the plants surviving with no two adjacent plants missing).
  2. Supplemental water will be provided as needed.
  3. Pruning should be done only for the purposes of removing dead, injured, or diseased wood and for creating desired levels of barrier porosity.
  4. Inspect trees and shrubs every 6 months and protect from adverse impacts including insects, diseases or competing vegetation.
  5. The trees or shrubs should be protected from livestock and wildlife damage.
  6. Control competing vegetation for the life of the planting or until windbreak plants close the area and shade out any competition.
  7. Protect plantings from fire. Maintain necessary firebreaks around all plantings.