Commercial Agriculture Program



The Commercial Agriculture Program develops multi-disciplinary teams around current issues and industries. Faculty members have primarily worked with farmers and allied industry in the beef, crops, dairy, and swine industries in the state of Missouri. Below you can find Commercial Ag and affiliated extension faculty names, expertise, industries served and contact information.

Commercial Ag and Affiliated MU Extension Faculty

NameExpertiseAg Sector Served
Rob KallenbachProgram DirectorAll
Cory BromfieldSwine Production MedicineSwine
Pat GuinanWeather All
Joe HornerAgricultural EconomicsDairy
Teng Teeh LimAir QualitySwine, Dairy
John LoryNutrient ManagementBeef, Dairy, Swine, Crops
Ryan MilhollinAgricultural EconomicsDairy, Swine, Crops
Craig PayneVeterinary MedicineBeef
Scott PoockVeterinary MedicineBeef, Dairy
Tim SafranskiGenetics/ReproductiveSwine
Marcia ShannonAnimal NutritionSwine
Gene StevensSoilsCrops
Joe ZulovichAgricultural EngineeringBeef, Dairy, Swine