Ray Massey Extension Professor
Ray Massey - Current Projects

Horizon Point
Horizon Point provides custom weather analysis for subscribers who provide the latitude and longitude of their farm.  Site-specific Information from the National Weather Service and the University of Missouri Agricultural Weather Network is emailed at times specified by subscribers.  This information is also processed through researched results to provide such forecasts as weed emergence, fertilizer fate, soil saturation, grain storage conditions and livestock comfort.

Ag Site Assessment Tool
The Ag Site Assessment Tool (AgSite) generates a report that describes the physical, cultural and environmental characteristics of a selected land parcel and its surroundings. The goal of the AgSite report is to expand the users awareness of the physical characteristics of a selected site and its environmental and cultural surroundings.

Missouri Swine Resource Guide
The Missouri Swine Resource Guide is a webpage that contains links to all the important information a Missouri swine producer needs to know.  Categories such as contract production, breeding and genetics, landscaping, and many others, lead users to information that has been developed specifically for Missouri swine producers.

Missouri Crops Resource Guide
The Missouri Crop Resource Guide is a webpage that contains links to important information a Missouri crop producer needs to know. Categories such as Decision Tools, Farm Programs, Fertility and Protection Practices pertain to all crops. Specific crop (e.g. corn, forage, etc.) can be found under their specific headings.

Useful to Usable
Useful to Usable is project that is tying weather and climate information to decisions that farmers make. The Decision Dashboard has historical weather tools, a Growing Degree Day tool and a Split N Application tool.