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Corn Growing Degree Day DST
This web based tool allows farmers to observe how historical weather for their specific location has affected decisions such as planting date and hybrid selection.

Split N Application DST
This web based tool allows farmers to experiment with the impact of using split N applications on corn. Historical weather is used to estimate plant growth stages. Historical fieldwork days are used to estimate the probability of completing additional fieldwork. Best case, worst case and expected economic results are reported.

Value of Manure Estimator (Excel 2007) Guide (PDF) PowerPoint Presentation (ppt)
User specifies manure characteristics, nutrient values and cropping system to estimate the value of manure as a fertilizer.

Manure Distribution Cost Analyzer (Excel 2007) Guide (PDF) PowerPoint Presentation (ppt)
This spreadsheet allows users to obtain an estimate of the cost (both time and money) of transporting and land applying manure to fields using a specified complement of equipment.

Fieldwork Days Estimator (Excel) Guide (PDF)
This spreadsheet and guide use USDA data of fieldwork days available to estimate the probability of completing specific field activities.  The user describes the equipment used, the time of year the job is done and the program provides estimates of completion for different time frames.

Delayed Planting and Replanting Insurance Evaluator (Excel 2007)

Replant Decision Aid (Excel 2007)
This spreadsheet and guide use University of Missouri research results to estimate the cost and value of replanting damaged stands of corn, soybeans or wheat.