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CAFO Central

CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) Central contains videos that present science based information about CAFOs. Two audiences are envisioned. Farmers who will be able to use these short, topic specific videos to improve their farms. General public who want to learn more about CAFOs or concerned about the potential impacts of newer, intensive animal farms will be able to access research based information to answer their questions.

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This video introduces the topic of what people need to know about animal feeding operations and points the viewers to other short videos to answer specific questions.


CAFO Environmental Impact

This video looks at pork production technologies over time and how they have affected the environment. The latest publication similar to this video is here.


Antibiotic Resistance - How do Animal Feeding Operations Utilize Antibiotics

This video describes regulations that govern how farmers use antibiotics to minimize antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a complex issue with health implications for both humans and animals that need antibiotics as treatment. Farmers and veterinarians involved in raising animals for human consumption share the public's concern over this outcome.


Anitbiotic Residues - What should I know about antibiotic residues?

This video presents information on how antibiotic residues in meat and other animal products are regulated and minimized. Antibiotic use is important in human and animal medicine. This video helps to explain some of the rules and regulations that help govern judicious antibiotic use in livestock as well as how this usage safeguards the food supply.


CAFOs and Economic Impact

This video summarizes the research on the impact of CAFOs on nearby real estate values.


Biosecurity Training

This video discusses important biosecurity protocols to safeguard animal health.