Commercial Agriculture Program


Premier Beef Program

The Commercial Agriculture Beef Focus Team developed the Premier Beef Program with the goal of educating producers in adding value to the feeder side of the beef production and marketing system. This program is intended to help producers coordinate in a marketing alliance with the objective of gaining market power by producing uniform, quality animals that can be traced from birth through slaughter.

As cattle producers approach the time to make a decision on whether to keep or sell their cattle, they should be aware of the options, advantages and disadvantages of group marketing alliances. These type of groups offer advantages on several levels:

  1. Reduced Transportation costs: Marketing animals together in truck load size lots allows fewer stops for the buyer.
  2. Improved Market Power: A single producer with 1,000 calves or several producers that have worked together to develop 1,000 calves with similar production practices can attract a larger number of buyers, which in turn increase the chances of a greater price paid for the extra additional value of the calves.
  3. Fewer Transactions: Buyers are more willing to pay a higher price if they can fill their orders in large quantities. For example, every time a calf is sold there are commissions, trucking charges and some health costs associated with the transaction. These costs are paid by the producer. If producers own the calf from the cow to the slaughter plant, they'll save the marketing costs of two transactions.
  4. Better information: Buyers will be provided with substantially more information about the husbandry practices of these animals than they would normally receive.

The Beef Focus Team has developed educational resources for this program and is willing to help facilitate the development of a new or existing Premier Beef Marketing group in Missouri. If interested, please contact any member of the Beef Focus Team for their assistance.