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Green Horizons

Volume 9, Number 4
Fall 2005

"Missouri Woodland Steward" Short Course begins January 2006

Forest landowners in the West Plains area were the first to attend the Missouri Woodland Steward Short Course.

The University of Missouri Extension announces a new short course that will be offered beginning January, 2006, for individuals interested in improving both the trees and wildlife on their property. Missouri Woodland Steward is an introductory, five-session course that will help landowners begin to realize their woodland dreams.

Through four indoor sessions, individuals will learn how to "see the forest for the trees." Participants will understand the process of assessing the timber and wildlife potential of their woodlands. They will also become familiar with some basic principles and practices of forest and wildlife management. The last session will help participants begin synthesizing all of this information into a plan specific to their needs.

The short course will conclude with a field trip to see first-hand some of the practices presented in the indoor sessions. The field trip will also include a visit to an unmanaged woodland where participants will gain experience in assessing the current woodland situation and make recommendations.

This short course is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with professional foresters and wildlife biologists in your area, as well as share ideas and knowledge with other interested landowners.

To .nd out when Missouri Woodland Steward will be offered in your area, contact your MU County Extension Center or MU Forestry Extension (573) 882-4444, or email:

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