Green Horizons

Volume 4, Number 2
Summer 1999

The Karkaghnae story

Ed Woods and Gus Hoyer, two early foresters in Missouri, brought the Karkaghnae with them from the Northwest where they had worked prior to moving to Missouri.

French-Canadian traders often talked about this mythical creature around campfires. It was reputed to be a destructive beast, vile and vicious. Through the years, imaginations ran almost as wild as the mythical creature, with tales both humorous and fearsome. Woods and Hoyer picked up these tales and brought them to Missouri where they continued the story telling and influencing others.

In 1950, Woods and Hoyer formed the Karkaghnae Club (in honor of the mythical beast) to provide a forum where members could express opinions concerning forestry without fear of retribution (and maybe even tell some tall tales!). Membership has always been open to anyone interested in forestry or conservation. As far as is known, it is the only club of its kind in Missouri and perhaps the nation.

Meetings are held statewide. A tentative date for the next meeting is May 20 with a visit to Pioneer Forest. Meetings are not held during the summer. If you would like more information, contact Ralph Musbach, Secretary-Treasurer, 573-785-2758, or write him at 2725 Mill St., Poplar Bluff, MO 63901-2134.

The mythical Karkaghnae