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Green Horizons

Volume 25, Number 1
Winter 2021

The Bid Box

Hank Stelzer, MU Extension - School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri

This edition of The Bid Box features a sale on the MU Hugo Wurdack Research Center near Cook Station. Approximately 1,000 acres of the 1,200-acre farm is in timber. A recently updated management plan revealed one compartment, harvested in 1996, was ready for another harvest.

Dent County, Missouri

Forest management pays! Most folks think a timber sale is a once in a lifetime proposition. But, the selective harvest in 1996 'weeded the woodland garden' allowing for the growth potential of the farm's below average soils to be placed on the best remaining trees... and another harvest!

We will be following all aspects of the harvest in the coming months; from the felling of trees to the milling of logs. So, stay tuned in future issues of Green Horizons!

To help you become familiar with some of the aspects of selling timber, check out the following MU Guides:

These Guides will help you better understand the ins and outs of marketing your timber and help you help your professional forester!

MU Extension Woodland Steward Winter Webinars

University of Missouri Extension kicks off a new year of Missouri Woodland Steward programs to help family forest landowners learn more about how to manage their woodlands.

MU Extension state forestry specialist Hank Stelzer and natural resources field specialist Sarah Havens teach the virtual sessions on Tuesday evenings in January and February.

They will share online educational resources, basic tree identification, planting native trees and shrubs, selling timber, managing woodlands for timber and wildlife and invasive plants.

The Tuesday evening sessions begin January 12 and end February 16. Each session will begin promptly at 7:00 PM and conclude no later than 8:30 PM. For $30, participants may choose any three of the six sessions or may attend all six for $40.

Cannot make a live session? No Problem! All sessions will be recorded AND available throughout 2021.

Register at or contact Havens at or 573-247-3082. ADA accommodations are available.

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