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Green Horizons

Volume 24, Number 2
Spring 2020

Plant an Oak!
(But not a Pin Oak)

Created by The Midwest Tree Whisperer a friend of our local urban trees, in association with Grow Native

Our great state of Missouri is the native home to a diversity of native oak species adapted to a variety of site conditions - from the rocky hilltops of the Ozarks, to the rich soils of the valleys, and the fertile basins of our wonderful rivers and streams.

Why NOT a Pin Oak, a Missouri native species?
While pin oaks thrive and prosper in their bottomlands, trees planted in alkaline (high calcium) soils develop iron chlorosis, which leads to poor health and yellow to yellowish-green foliage - a common condition exhibited on prairie soils and at many of our urban and suburban landscapes containing significant deposits of crushed limestone remaining from construction site activities.

Choose the RIGHT tree for the RIGHT place.
Choose the RIGHT tree for the RIGHT place. With our native oaks, there are alternate species to choose which are better adapted to the challenging conditions of urban and suburban sites with significantly disturbed soils - high clay content and high soil PH (alkaline) - along with the rigors of our diverse climatic environment.

Top oak choices for Missouri landscapes

White Oak Group

Red Oak Group

For more information about native oaks and other excellent native tree choices for your landscape:

Special thanks to the following individuals for their generous sharing of knowledge to assist content development and editing of this educational brochure: Carol Davit, Missouri Prairie Foundation/Grow Native!; Wayne Lovelace, Forrest Keeling Nursery; Bill Spradley, Trees, Forests and Landscapes; Guy Sternberg, Starhill Forest Arboretum; Douglas Tallamy, University of Delaware; Robert Weaver, The Gateway Gardener Magazine.

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