AgEBB-MU CAFNR Extension

Green Horizons

Volume 23, Number 3
Fall 2019

Editorial Board

Hannah Hemmelgarn
Education Programs

Center for Agroforestry
Joe Alley, Resource Conservationist,
Scott Brundage, Consulting Forester
Eugene L. Brunk, MDC Retiree
Donna Coble, Executive Director
Forest ReLeaf of Missouri
Lynn Barnickol, Executive Director,
Missouri Consulting Foresters Association
Rebecca Landewe, Current River Project Manager,
The Nature Conservancy-Missouri
Mike Gold, Director,
Center for Agroforestry
Hank Stelzer,
MU Forestry Extension
Bob Ball, President,
Missouri Walnut Council
Steven Westin,
MDC Private Land Forestry Programs
Clell Solomon,
Mo. Christmas Tree Producers Association
Kurt Boeckmann,
Mo. Department of Natural Resources
Kim Young, Vice President/General Manager
Forrest Keeling Nursery
Matt Jones, Vice Chair
Missouri Tree Farm Committee
Sarah Phipps
Missouri Dept of Agriculture
Ann Koenig, Urban Forester
Missouri Department of Conservation


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