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Green Horizons

Volume 23, Number 2
Spring 2019


The "Fungimentals"

Mycelium is the vegetative body of fungi, made up of a network of webbed hyphae strands. You've probably seen these white filaments if you've ever peeled back a piece of bark from a dead or dying tree. If the growing medium (wood chips, straw etc.) is already colonized with mycelium, it may not be a good host for your cultivated fungi.

Mushrooms are the "fruit" of fungi. When conditions are right, the mycelium mass will begin to "pin" and mushrooms will emerge within a few days, eventually "ripening" to release millions of spores. Be sure your mushroom yard is located where you can see when mushrooms begin to fruit in order to harvest them while they're in good condition.

Mushroom spawn is mycelium in a growing medium (often sawdust or grain), propagated in environments where other fungus cultures do not have an opportunity to mix with the desired species. When purchasing mushroom cultivation supplies, a 5.5lb bag of sawdust spawn is generally sufficient to inoculate 40 square feet of mulched bed space.

In order for mycelia to successfully colonize a growing space, they need appropriate moisture, temperature, and ventilation conditions. Check on your mushroom bed regularly to monitor the condition of your mushroom bed. The recommended inoculation techniques described here will help you achieve a suitable home for your fungi.

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