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Volume 23, Number 2
Spring 2019

Urban Forestry

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, 2018 in Review

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri has two main programs, in addition to our outreach and education efforts. Both programs, Project CommuniTree and Priority ReLeaf focus on providing quality native trees and shrubs for planting on public land free of charge. Project CommuniTree provides 3-gallon containerized trees and shrubs for anybody who wants to plant on public or non-profit owned land. There is no geographic restriction for the program and groups or individuals can apply for as many trees as they can care for. Priority ReLeaf provides plant material for financially underserved areas or areas that have been affected by natural disaster (storms, tornados, insect infestation, etc.). While Priority ReLeaf projects can also receive the 3-gallon trees and shrubs, they are eligible to receive our larger 15-gallon planting stock. Below is a review of 2018 program accomplishments and other highlights of the year.

Project CommuniTree:
In 2018, we provided 7,132 trees to over 150 planting projects throughout the region, including several in Illinois and Kansas. 295 volunteers contributed a total of 5,684 hours at CommuniTree Gardens Nursery in order to containerize, grow and distribute the trees that were given away. 8,000 trees are currently being overwintered at CommuniTree Gardens Nursery that will be given away in the spring of 2019.

Priority ReLeaf:
In 2018, we provided 3,701 trees to over 40 projects located in financially underserved areas or areas affected by natural disaster. 925 volunteers contributed 7,402 hours towards this effort. This includes 4 planting projects organized by Forest ReLeaf in cooperation with City of St. Louis Parks, Recreation and Forestry, Sustainability Office, Police Department and Fire Department where 500 total trees were planted at 4 different St. Louis city parks. These projects were funded by a large grant from the Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities and were well attended by the general public, regular Forest ReLeaf volunteers and City of St. Louis officials.

In addition to the 83 outreach events attended or hosted by Forest ReLeaf staff or volunteers, we also hosted a "Concert in the Trees" and our annual "Arbormeister " beer festival at CommuniTree Gardens Nursery, a 25th anniversary party in the Delmar Loop neighborhood and the annual "Crawl the Grove" young friends pub crawl in the Grove neighborhood. In total, Forest ReLeaf recorded 28,951 volunteer hours from 3,447 individuals. These hours include those contributed at CommuniTree Gardens Nursery, Forest ReLeaf community planting projects, Project CommuniTree, Priority ReLeaf projects and through our TreeKeepers course. Through these programs, Forest ReLeaf donated 10,833 trees and 984 herbaceous perennials and wildflowers in 2018.

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