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Green Horizons

Volume 21, Number 2
Spring 2017

Forest Management

Missouri Walnut Council Hosts Woodland Conference

By Bob Ball | Missouri Chapter - Walnut Council and Other Fine Hardwoods

Over one-hundred woodland landowners, foresters, industry specialists and natural resource agency personnel gathered at the Missouri Farm Bureau Center in Jefferson City April 4th and 5th to learn how to grow and manage fine hardwoods. Both days were in a classroom setting listening to and interacting with professionals and landowners speaking on a variety of woodland management topics.

Lisa Allen, State Forester, Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) kicked off the conference highlighting recent Forestry Division activities. MDC Forest Program Supervisor, Steve Westin, then explained the Missouri Managed Woods program; a vastly improved version of the state's outdated Forest Cropland Law. Other morning presentations covered tree identification tips, managing hardwoods for both timber and wildlife, planning for a successful tree planting. First-day afternoon speakers discussed using cover crops to improve soil health, safety in the woods, and the importance of including the correct herbicides for preparing tree planting sites, using herbicides in woodland management and considerations in buying sprayers for both tree planting and timber stand improvement projects. The first day concluded with a panel discussion on financial assistance opportunities for landowners by representatives of MDC, Missouri Department of Natural Resources and USDA-NRCS.The second day of the conference began with planning for passing one's woodland on to his/her heirs. Next up was an insightful presentation on the economic importance of the oak species, past land management practices that have led to a lack of sufficient regeneration, and the importance of active forest management for ensuring the presence of the species on the landscape. Planning for a successful timber sale generated a number of questions from conference participants. After lunch, attendees learned how various online mapping tools could assist them in managing their land. The presentation on timber taxes and timber basis really opened many eyes; especially the importance of selling one's timber "on the stump" and to establish a timber basis in order to reap the benefits of capital gains treatment when it comes time to pay the IRS. Bottom line: Get a professional forester involved in your timber sale!

Another conference highlight were panel discussions. One panel of consulting foresters gave attendees every opportunity to ask questions about how to manage your woods, plus an overview of their fees and services. The second panel of landowners offered their advice and tips based on personal experiences managing woodlands. The conference concluded with a third panel on where to find technical assistance with panelists from several natural resource agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Conference attendees enjoyed the opportunity to visit with several exhibitors: Mike Hoffmann, Executive Director, Forest and Woodland Association of Missouri; Carol Davit, Executive Director, Missouri Prairie Foundation who was manning the "Grow Native" display; Scott Brundage, Consulting Forester, Walnut Council; Jerry Van Sambeek, Forester, Missouri Nut Growers Association; and Mike Gold, Interim Director, University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry.

The meeting agenda and speaker PowerPoint presentations can be found at the Walnut Council website:

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