AgEBB-MU CAFNR Extension

Green Horizons

Volume 20, Number 3
September 2016

Missouri Nut Growers Association Meeting

By Hyelee Won | Center for Agroforestry

The Missouri Nut Growers Association is an organization that encourages individuals and businesses to grow nut trees. Association membership is open to anyone interested. Membership offers the benefit of sharing experience and advice with other members and a newsletter that will provide current events and issues regarding tree nuts and others that may be of interest to MNGA members. Membership is not required to attend the meetings.

The upcoming MNGA meeting on November 5th, 2016 is MNGA's Annual Fall Harvest Meeting. This year's meeting will be hosted by Paul Manson. The meeting will begin with a brief social hour with coffee followed by welcome and introductions. Equipment demonstrations will be held, and there will be an update session at the end of the meeting for the association.

Lunch will be available at the farm for $8, but attendees must RSVP in advance. The deadline to RSVP is November 1st. The names of those who RSVP will be entered in a drawing, and one lucky attendee will win a free lunch.

For more information on the Missouri Nut Growers Association Fall Harvest Meeting, please visit: The directions to the Manson Farm, meeting agenda and lunch RSVP instructions can be found on the website.

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