Green Horizons

Volume 16, Number 1
Winter 2011

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Deadlines for Newsletter Submissions
Spring Issue: March 15
Summer Issue: June 15
Fall Issue: September 15
Winter Issue: December 15

E-mail or Snail Mail?
Would you rather receive Green Horizons electronically? E-mail us at or and we will add you to our listserv. Be sure and send your full name and address so we can take you off the snail mail list.

Look ‘Ma, No Staples!
In an effort to curb costs (and keep Green Horizons a free newsletter), we have made a few changes. First, we have eliminated the staples and gone to what is known in the trade as ‘flat sheet’ production. By doing so, we get around a few USPS requirements (like the number of tabs required to secure each mail piece) and added charges (seems as though they do not like staples in their automated systems). We have also switched to outside vendors; General Printing of Columbia and AAA Mail Services of Jefferson City. All these changes result in a savings of over $750 an issue.

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