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Volume 14, Number 2
Spring 2010

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eXtension ‘Soft Launches’ Wood Energy

Do you want to understand how the properties of woody biomass affect how it may be converted into useful forms of energy? How about learning new paradigms in harvesting woody biomass for energy? Or what conditions a wood energy facility must meet to be successful? Answers to these and other wood-related energy questions can now be found at eXtension’s Wood Energy Community of Practice (CoP),

Forestry experts from universities around the country have developed the Wood Energy CoP to be your one-stop shop for science-based information. The site was ‘soft-launched’ March 1, meaning that we are still tweaking some facets of the site as we receive feedback from users. So, if you like what you see, have a concern as to something presented, or wish to see something that is not there, we would love to hear from you. Just click on the, “How are We Doing?” link at the bottom of the page to provide us with your feedback!

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