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Bradford Research and Extension Center Field Day

September 15, 2015

The Bradford Research and Extension Center hosted a successful FFA Field Day in 2015. High school agricultural education classes from the surrounding area were invited to participate in a day of learning. Speakers presented information about ongoing research and related agricultural topics. Students participated by going on three separate tours around the farm with short information stops on each tour.

Schools Attended


Computers in Ag Forestry
Weeds Torq N Tiger
Ruminants Farm Safety
Weather Insects
Machiner Saw Mill
Rainfall Corn Maze
Swine Fistulated Cow
Quail Water Quality
Parks Rec Sustainability
Worms Ag P Water
Food Science UAV
Forages Algae
Study Abroad Shrimp
Peace Corps Wagon 1
CAFNR Wagon 2
Tomatoes Gene Zoo
Ornamentals Soy Breeding
Soil Pit Fuel Economy
Soil Organisms Careers
Turf Dung Beetles
Horses Beef
Vehicle Safety Careers Ag
Ag Leader Vet

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